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Psychopomps: The conductors of souls

A horse can be a conductor of souls
A horse can be a conductor of souls
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A psychopomp is a type of guide. In Greek terminology, psychopomp, means “conductor of the soul”. Therefore, a psychopomp guides the soul through all of its transitions; before birth, before death, and after death.

Psychopomps come in many different forms and can be found throughout the world. There are mythological tales, religious texts, and stories that mention these guides. Humans, deities, dogs, birds, foxes, horses, and many other beings have been known to be psychopomps.

Shamans are well known guides of the soul. They are sometimes called upon when a baby is about to be born. For this type of occasion the psychopomps job is to journey to the soul that is about to enter the unborn babies body. The Shaman will greet the soul, relay messages from the new parents, and sometimes ask the soul why it chose the body it is about to enter.

Sometimes psychopomps offer services to those who are terminally ill. The guide helps the person and, his family, understand death from a spiritual point of view. This helps to ease everyone’s fears about what is to come. The psychopomp may also help the person through harmonizing issues with past relationships or life events that happened previously in life that can make the transition easier. The guide can also introduce the person to the souls of loved ones who are waiting for the new soul to join them in the spirit realm.

Many times, the souls of the dead are unable to transition to the spirit realm. Reasons that this transition may be difficult vary. Sometimes the soul doesn’t know that its physical body is dead. Loss of soul essence can also be an issue. If the soul isn’t whole, it can’t pass over to the spirit realm. Another issue that the soul may have is unfinished business that needs to be worked through before making the transition. A psychopomp can help the soul understand the death of its physical body. This special guide can also help find the lost essence so that a soul can be whole again. The psychopomp will also help the soul sort through unfinished business so that it can move on to the spirit realm.