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'Psychopathic tyrants' and bad mothers

In a CNN interview this morning, Member of Parliament, Sir Edward Garnier affixed a label to the Islamic State terrorists who are committed to using beheadings to shock the world. It is “psychopathic tyrants”. The first observation is that “tyrants” in this instance is plural. There is an ISIS (Islamic State) leader, but it is joined by a number of like kind individuals followed by a collection of psychopathic and tyrannical terrorists. From where do they derive their power? On what is their ideology founded?

A grab taken from a propaganda video released on July 5, 2014 by Al-Furqan Media allegedly shows the leader of the Islamic State jihadist group, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, aka Caliph Ibrahim, addressing Muslim worshippers at a mosque in the militant-held north
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To understand the psychology of tyrants, consider the authority, Alfred Jones, Ph.D. See the reference at the link.

‘Virtuousness and social conscientiousness’

In addressing the application of the term to members of a movement like the Islamic State, one must address them as a sick community.

Islamic State derives its virtue from interpretation of Sunni Islam. Sunni Islam sets forth principles of what is right and wrong. Social conscientiousness is the application of those rules among members of that community.

This is not to be confused with Karl Marx definition of social consciousness that is human beings entering productive, economic relationships.

“Empathy is the hallmark for behavior.”

Alfred Jones

According to Jones the trouble begins between mother and child. If the process of developing personal identity is stressed, the child may become sociopathic. Think about all of those mothers giving birth in the Sunni Islamic world.

  • War torn
  • Ideology biased against women
  • Grossly unstable
  • Ideology terribly unfair and unforgiving
  • Hate filled environment
  • Environmental unsustainability

All of these factors produce a community of horribly dysfunctional men whose religious ideology only serves to make matters more extreme and worse. They say that they believe in their God, yet it is hard to imagine that their God created all things on earth to be destroyed by lawless men who are committing violent acts against humanity in the name of a superior being.

The Islamic State members are suffering from an acute lack of social nurturing. Blame it on their mothers, I guess.

“The Psychology of Tyrants

Posted by: Alfred Jones in Alfred Jones, Ph.D October 28, 2011

Getting to the crux of the matter, will enable us to proceed to a specific description of those individuals in history who have turned their world upside down in so far as the tyrants suffers from reality blindness. There is a psychological diagnostic classification called a psychopathic personality disorder now more correctly called a sociopathic personality. This presents a distinction between those who have a destructive component in their make up in and of itself and those with a total inability to relate to their world. Primitive man survived because of his ability to communicate on a positive level and have a firm understanding of the need for empathy. With time, this was lost and the entire human race suffered.

Some tyrants have a “character disorder” and it is a diagnostic classification of a lesser pathological severity. It is associated with the difficulty a person has on many levels of interpersonal relationships.

A good definition is “The term character generally refers to the extent of one’s virtuousness and social conscientiousness.” Can we expect a person to see life through the eyes of others? Can we expect fair play, honesty, reliability and compassion? If we cannot, then we are dealing with a person who is totally absorbed in their individual needs and will set out to satisfy these needs regardless of the cost.

If, in primitive societies, empathy had not been the hallmark for behavior, the human race would have died out.

What causes, or sets in motion, the behavior seen in the psychopathic or sociopathic individual? There is a theory which makes sense. The mother and prenatal form a single unity lasting for nine months. Both the physical and emotional need satisfactions are provided for automatically. At the time of birth, the infant is discharged from a warm and nurturing environment. It now has the task of the understanding the concept of “you – the mother” and “me” a newly created entity who must learn to provide for itself as best it can. This can be a very slow process and it is vital that the mother or care giver understand this and enables this new learning experience for the new born to be as psychologically painless as possible. It can take many months for the infant to begin to feel safe and secure in this totally new environment of life outside the womb.”

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