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Psychonauts 2 in Discussion

There's no reason to start putting in preorders just yet, but GiantBomb has received official word from Tim Schafer himself that the head of Double Fine Studios and the creator of cult hits like Grim Fandango is talking to Markus "Notch" Perrson, the creator of the surprise indie success, Minecraft. Persson it seems, is a fan of the original Psychonauts game, and is now actually talking to Schafer about various possibilities for helping to fund development on a sequel.

There are reports on Kotaku that Schafer himself has admitted past projects have received surprise funding from sources like Twitter in the past. Steven Dengler, CEO of Dracogen provided some funding for the development Costume Quest, the downloadable RPG that was made available to PSN and XBL users during the Halloween of 2010.