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Psycho Donuts reveals Pokemon-themed cake pops for FanimeCon

Psycho Donuts employee dressed in nurse attire; a uniform within the donut shop.
Psycho Donuts employee dressed in nurse attire; a uniform within the donut shop.
Tom Tonthat, used with permission

With locations in Campbell and downtown San Jose, Psycho Donuts has never been your average donut shop. With themed donuts like the Kooky Monster (topped with crushed Oreo cookies and a blue drizzle) or the Headbanger (raspberry-filled donut decorated to look like a face that suffered head trauma), Psycho Donuts is renowned for its creativity and tasty flair that matches the sci-fi and anime conventions taking place in downtown San Jose like Fanime.

Pokemon-themed cake pops created by Psycho Donuts to sell during Fanime
Tom Tonthat; used with permission

With its downtown San Jose location a few blocks away from the San Jose Convention Center and the Bay Area’s largest anime convention FanimeCon (or Fanime according to the attendees), it was natural for Psycho Donuts to create some anime themed donuts to sell at the Convention Center and its stores. For years, FanimeCon attendees have had the opportunity to try out Psycho Donut’s donut sushi—donuts decorated to resemble a small sushi plate complete with Pocky chopsticks—as well as unique creations offered during Fanime.

With anime continuing to be the main focus of FanimeCon and Pokemon still being the craze that it is (complete with a planned release of “Pokemon Omega Ruby” and “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire”), Psycho Donut’s planned Pokemon-themed cake pops available at both shop locations during FanimeCon. Previously previewed during Big Wow ComicFest, these Pokemon cake pops (dubbed Monster Pops by Psycho Donuts to avoid getting in trouble by Nintendo for selling their cake pops as Pokemon Pops) consist of chocolate cake batter mixed with butter cream and frosting, rolled into balls, and pierced with a Popsicle stick as cake pops are typically made. They are then dipped in a chocolate candy coating, which is then decorated into one of sixteen familiar monsters often associated with a hit anime and video game series. These cake pops are also available in vanilla. They're nice treats to pick up while taking a break from the antics of Fanime.

Only a few of the sixteen designs were on hand during Big Wow ComicFest, but they’re sure to have many Monster Pops on hand during the May 23-26 weekend of FanimeCon. Out of the now hundreds of Pokemon now in existence, which Pokemon would you want to catch in cake pop form during Fanime?

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