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Psychic Predicts Major Flooding

Psychic predicts record flooding
Psychic predicts record flooding

After a record cold winter around the United States over these last few months, flooding is a major concern for many people around the country. As the weather begins turning into spring, the flooding will begin, however, this time may be different. This year may bring us record flooding, according to a psychic.

I spoke to psychic Kit Karson and she explained to me that yes, it is flood season, but, this year flooding is going to be worse than ‘usual’. “I see flooding that is going to be much worse than ‘normal’ and in places we don’t usually see it as bad”. She went on to say that flash floods are not only a possibility, but are highly likely in places where flash floods tend to be minor in comparison to what is coming.

She says that people tend to ignore all of the warning signs and this year, they should really be prepared. Flooding has already begun in some areas and there is much more to come. People move to areas and don’t realize that the beautiful river they bought a home near last summer is going to become their worst nightmare.

Check out this video that was taken yesterday at Snoqualmie Falls in Snoqualmie, Washington. There is a Falcon in the first part of it with some great shots of one powerful river; the Snoqualmie River at flood stage on March 9.

Snoqualmie Falls at flood stage. Watch the powerful falls on video.

For more information on what Kit Karson has to say on flooding, read more about it on the site.