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Psychic on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 'Get me on the case and I can solve it'

Psychic Lisa Williams says she can find missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which went missing on March 8.
Psychic Lisa Williams says she can find missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which went missing on March 8.
Laurent ERRERA, Creative Commons

Lisa Williams, the Lifetime Television psychic that became gained some notoriety for predicting that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the Boeing 777 that went missing on March 8, would be found in three weeks, now says she can solve the case -- if only those in charge would let her. She said there were survivors. And that the missing plane was somewhere near a rainforest.

"My feeling is they need to get me on the case and I can solve it for them," she told The Journal News in an interview published April 28. "I was very fortunate to read for someone who had a very close loved one on that flight, and so I was able to see exactly what happened. And I can absolutely tell you that plane is not in the water, and that there are survivors."

The interview was a ramp-up for a Lisa Williams' appearance on May 5 in Tarrytown, New York.

Williams to The Journal News that she knew about Flight 370 because she had been in spiritual contact with one of the passengers. She also noted that that particular passenger was now dead.

She was asked about statements she has made concerning the missing plane going down in a rain forest.

"Yes," she replied, "absolutely there's a connection to it being in a rain forest, not a jungle. I do believe that ultimately it will be found."

In an interview on CNN sister station HLN back at the end of March, Williams made the claim that she had "seen" the missing plane. She said that the jet had not crashed and that it was near a lot of trees. She also famously stated, "I tend to work off what I don't know."

And now she says she can solve the mystery of Flight MH370's disappearance.

But if she works off of what she doesn't know, how can she be so certain that she can solve the case? Worse, if she can solve the case, why is she worried about being put on the case? Why doesn't she just announce where the missing plane is and be done with it?

Simply put: Lisa Williams does what all psychics do -- offer false hope to the gullible, the misguided, and the uninformed. Because if she truly had knowledge that would help find the missing jet and its 239 passengers and crew members, wouldn't disclosing the information make her the most famous psychic since Jeane Dixon?

"But I also think that things are being covered up right at this moment," she told The Journal News. "I think we're getting too close to the mark and so people are trying to quiet it down."

Quiet it down? It has been the most covered story of the year. Even the smallest possibilities -- from metallic trash to out-of-the-way sea floor surveys -- have been given media time.

In her earlier interview on HLN, Williams said the missing plane would be found in three weeks. It has been more than five weeks since the prediction.

There has been no sign of wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Fight MH370 in over a month of intense searches in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. There have been no reports of unauthorized plane landings or hijacked jets touching down in far away places -- with trees or without.

Lisa Williams' claims notwithstanding, authorities announced earlier this week that water surface and aerial seaches would be discontinued. Searches will now concentrate on underwater exploratory sweeps.

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