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Psychic nanny helps families with children that can see spirits

A woman in Florida claims to be the world's only psychic nanny that assists children with their psychic abilities. She travels the world to help families of children that see ghosts, MSN news reported.

Denise Lescano helps families of children that can see ghosts

Denise Lescano uses her psychic abilities to speak to spirits and helps families that are worried about their children on how to deal with life beyond death. The single mother from Florida claims that she has been a psychic since she was 9-years-old.

"My biggest mission in life is to get rid of the fear around what I do. This is not a scary thing, this is a very healing and comforting thing. Many of the families that come to me, they really don't even believe in me they are skeptical," Lescano said.

Lescano says she is often called into places to figure out if children are really seeing spirits or if they're showing signs of mental illnesses.

"I've had cases where schools want kids put on medication because they think they are hallucinating. When I am able to help them and really pinpoint what is going on, it is incredibly validating and relieving for the family," Lescano said.

On a recent case, Greg and Heather Howell enlisted the help of Lescano to assist them with their 4-year-old son Elijah. Elijah displayed signs of psychic abilities when he told his pregnant mother that her baby "was going to God" soon. She later had a miscarriage. Howell became pregnant again and Elijah told her that she was going to have two sons. She ended up having twin boys.

According to Lescano's Facebook page, she is currently filming segments for her new television show "The Psychic Super Nanny."

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