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Psychic Mediums and Tarot Cards Inspire Sci-Fi Film

The Virgin, the 21st card in the I AM One tarot deck
Maya Britan

Filmmakers in Los Angeles and elsewhere know that the film industry is a serious business. U.S. movie ticket sales reached nearly $11 billion in 2013 with movies such as Iron Man and The Hunger Games -- Catching Fire grossing more than $400 million each.

But movie-making is also steeped in dreams, fantasy and, sometimes, communication from the spirit world.

Spirit channelers, also known as psychic mediums, brought the story of The Game of One, a metaphysical sci-fi film, to Maya Britan.

Britan was a Los Angeles-area artist when she was approached about 15 years ago to paint the images for a new set of tarot cards. Britan, an Israelite, had no interest in tarot, spirit guides or filmmaking. But she says she felt compelled -- if not forced -- to heed a request from a group of Carmel, CA channelers.

Against all common sense and desire, Britan made the 300-mile-trip north to the coastal town. She met briefly with an elderly woman who, with scant explanation, handed off some notes and inexpert sketches. From these, Britan was told, she would paint the "real" tarot deck, the one with a story dictated by the spirits.

A Dying Woman's Last Act

Britan was skeptical, but had little chance to reconsider. The woman from whom Britan received the materials and the message died the next day.

Britan fulfilled her mission: she painted and published the I Am ONE deck of tarot cards, which are sold and distributed worldwide. But the story behind the cards haunted her and a new story -- The Game of One -- emerged. Britan's path to destiny had just begun.

The Game of One centers on an interactive computer game in which 12 expert players enter and explore 22 tarot portals, each portal representing a card in a tarot deck. The players interact with the tarot characters and gain the choice of "self-awakening and a clear path to a multidimensional world where pure knowledge and creation is perused in beauty beyond comprehension."

The film aims to bring together the excitement of gaming, the thrill of science fiction and the tantalizing allure of the unattainable: a journey among the living to the land of the dead. It makes an end-of-the-world theme magical rather than apocalyptic.

Birth of a New Mission

Britan and her co-producers are currently pursuing the business of making The Game of One. They've begun a global search for musical artists, clothing designers, game designers, artists, painters and the other creative and technical geniuses needed to take their story from inspiration to reality.

Since there are 22 portals in the movie, each a world of its own, Britan seeks artists from all disciplines. One portal might, for example, feature jazz music and another classic rock. No single style of music or design is sought.

Gamers in the movie will travel through time to shed light on the mysteries of the Mayan calendar, Atlantis, Babylon and more. The multi-dimensional aspects of the film will also take movie characters into the future so the demand for varied creative forces is great.

Anyone with talent and passion is urged to reach out to Britan through the movie website. Or contact Tamid by phone at 310-486 5245 or via email at

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