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Psychic insights for August 2014

August 2014
August 2014
Elissa Heyman

his month's theme is: "growing in power". If you are ripe to expand, current planetary influences can jet-propel you personally and professionally.

The expansive trend begins July 24-26th, with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction and then Mars moving into Scorpio, signifying things happen faster and move forward more easily now.

Be "all in", whatever you do this month. Be willing in September to devote time to new developments. Willingly give details that add to your credibility and make sure they're available. Willingness is the key ingredient to moving forward in August.

To increase your willingness, take a moment to wish yourself the best. Think something like: "I'm open to the best happening to me now...let what's best for me find me today and let me recognize it. Together let us be brighter than before." Make a statement about whatever makes you feel open to expansion and the best happening...

Be leery of over-scheduling. Another likely circumstance is that you will be living up close and personal with new truths, which can take a lot of energy and a lot of time. You can feel alternately vulnerable and visible in on-stage August, meanwhile working steadily towards a better place you can see.

Be open to change and willing to act on desire... and be sure to act on any desire you sense leads to something important.

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