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Psychic impressions of March 2014

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Psychic Insights for March 2014

The pictograph talks about the force within us being strong and enduring now, causing a thrust forward of our energy towards our goals, through uncertain territory and opposing structures. The spirits say surrender wholly to fresh desire that comes in March, making you want to bring new brightness and opportunity into your life. Affirm yourself like never before--know yourself to be The Little Engine That Could.

March 2014 is a month of finding solutions. Peoples’ eyes open wide to new insights and understandings that help them solve problems. They have an impulse towards peace; they want to lay down their arms, literally and figuratively. Personal defense systems become easier to dissolve and apparent truths easier to accept.

There’s lots of planetary activity in March, and the net effect is to make this a time people are willing to tackle reforms in big and little matters. The overall goal is to re-write the script and come up with a better life drama to star in.

Personal and Professional Success: The many planets in retrograde slows down the progression of projects, but it also gives people a chance to shape up the material and means to take them to the next step. The way you present your unique material requires special care; take your time and make it right. Be prepared to apply yourself as the month’s goals generate a lot of work . It’s also a good time to collaborate and find support—go all in trying to gain followers, and be available to help others.

Personal Guidance: Bite the bullet now! If you need to end a relationship, stop a really bad habit, get out of anything toxic, it’s easier to do that now in collaborative, solution-oriented March . Later in the Spring the planets warn that situations get more complicated and solutions more extreme (The Grand Cross).

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Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Appointments with Elissa are in person or by phone,, 505-982-3294.