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Psychic Gary Spivey Amazes Audiences

Psychic Gary Spivey recently appeared at the Treasure Island Hotel.
Psychic Gary Spivey recently appeared at the Treasure Island Hotel.
(Photo by Sandy Zimmerman)

The show starts with a video about Physic Gary Spivey. We get to know about Gary while seeing him performing
and learning about his life. He is known as a man of extraordinary talents, sometimes called a genius or modern day Nostradamus.

Gary can switch from being funny to his serious side when he tries to assist people who ask,

'Will I find a job, will I find love, and other questions about their lives.

The audience becomes emotional as they seem to be caught in his spell.

Sometimes Gary is overwhelming, especially when he seems to know their personal information.

With tears in their eyes, men and women wait for his advice. Gary says, "You feel hot", and they actually do. His two assistants quickly move through the audience looking for the next question. Gary explains, "I see things happening that nobody else sees and hear psychically."

The first time you see Gary, his bushy white hair and white suit are startling. After he starts to speak, Gary is so persuasive, so accurate that the people are immediately convinced of his abilities. Watch Gary as he stands on the stage but be sure to watch the audience's reaction. This is a dramatic show; the audience opens their lives to him as they speak of personal problems, hopes and fears.

Gary predicts future events, "You are going to be very rich," and the person is happy. Many members of his audience return again and again. Gary approached one woman to get rid of her demons.

He uses healing energy, "You will be fine tomorrow, you had so much rage."

Gary's show was my first time reviewing a psychic. Seeing the audience's trust and reaction to Gary was like being at a religious revival meeting mixed with the way a hypnotist affects his subjects on stage.

He asks the people to put their hands up in the air and say, "Pull the ball of life into my chest." Everyone complied with his request. So many people in the audience asked questions.

If you do not get your question answered during the show, Gary has a special time afterwards to meet the audience and autograph his book.

Psychic to the Stars, Gary is not religious and does not know why he sees the future but just feels, "I'm me!"

He feels the love coming from the audience. After making his first prediction at the age of seven, Gary continued to hone his skills throughout the years and now tours nine months out of each year meeting with clients in private sessions, hosting live seminars, guest starring on radio and television shows, holding workshops and planning spiritual retreats.

He has written books and recorded meditation CD's to spread his knowledge to a wider audience.

Gary Spivey appeared at the Treasure Island Hotel, in Las Vegas.

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