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Psychiatry: a corrupt industry part 1

CCHR  publishes a booklet entitled, "MASSIVE FRAUD" which is subtitled, "Psychiatry's Corrupt Industry."  This topic will be the subject of a series of articles published on this site over the next few weeks.

There is an important notice to readers on the inside of the front cover for this booklet that gives 5 very salient points.

1.  Psychiatric "disorders" are not medical diseases.

2.  Psychiatrists deal exclusively with mental "disorders", not proven physical diseases.

3.  Psychiatry has never established the cause of any "mental disorders".

4.  The theory that mental disorders derive from a "chemical imbalance" in the brain is unproven opinion, not fact.

5.  The brain is not the real cause of life's problems.

Let's take these up one at a time.

1.  Medical diseases are physical in nature and can be proven to exist by an x-ray, catscan, MRI, blood or urine test.

"Mental disorders" are best described by the psych themselves in their own book, (their billing bible,) entitled the DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL, IV. In the introduction to this book their is a section headed, "definitions".

This is their disclaimer that makes it difficult to sue them for their charlatanism.  They state that there is no "precise definition" to define a mental disorder, only symptoms of something that they use as criterion to label someone for life.

If one has a fever, the thermometer will prove it.  The fever is a symptom of a physical illness that the thermometer proved.  A blood or urine test will probably show the exact cause of the fever, an infection somewhere in the body.  A simple antibiotic will probably suffice. 

Cancer is a physical illness that can be objectively proven.  There is not one "mental illness" that has been objectively shown or proven.  There is no test that can prove a mental disorder to be a "disease".

The above alone should be enough to deter someone from believing that a psychiatrists has any answers to life's problem which can cause emotional ups and down.  These ups and downs are "disorders". 

They are emotions and we don't need a drug to dull us down to "help" when we probably can use a little communication and love.

To order your own copy of this well-documented and footnoted booklet, send the author of this column an email.


  • kissyfur 5 years ago

    'CCHR publishes a booklet entitled, "MASSIVE FRAUD" '
    Thanks for your honesty in the very first sentence. CCHR and all Scientology front groups ARE Massive Frauds.

    '1. Psychiatric "disorders" are not medical diseases.
    ...5. The brain is not the real cause of life's problems.'

    Thetans and mocked up past lives aren't medical diseases or the cause of life's problems either.
    Or, you know, REAL.

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