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'Psych': The Musical Recap

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Summary: Shawn and Gus search for an escaped playwright who was declared criminally insane

Guest starring: Ally Sheedy, Barry Bostwick, Jimmi Simpson

It looks like this show takes place before Juliet found out about Shawn not being psychic, like it was originally supposed to air.

Shawn is at the Psych office mopping before we get the 1st number of the show.

“Under Santa Barbara Skies Pt 1”

A security guard is taken down mysteriously and a man takes his jacket, keys, and leaves.

Lassiter tells Buzz to look into a man named Zachary, or Z, who escaped from the insane asylum.

Z meets with a man in a park. He starts talking to him about a play called “Santa Barbara Playhouse” that he wrote.
Memory of his play being done on stage. One of the stagehands tells them that a critic snuck in and wrote a bad review about the run through rehearsal.
Present day. Z angry with the critic.
Memory. Z ‘sees’ someone but the actress he’s talking to doesn’t see him. We see the stage get on fire.
Present day. Z says that he’s been watching him. He says he told him so that he would understand.

Lassiter/Juliet/Shawn/Gus are at the asylum talking to the head doctor. Shawn says that Z went straight to the woods. Head Doctor says he doesn’t believe him. Leading to the 2nd song. They go into the woods. He tells them about how he thinks Z took him because of broken peanuts. They go deeper and find the clothes of the man from the park. The head doctor tells them that Z has been talking to another patient about what happened.

“I’ve Heard It Both Ways”

The group goes to meet with the other patient, and it’s no other then Yang (Sheedy). They ask what Zachary is going to do next. Yang asks go to the burnt theater as payment for her help.

The group goes to the burnt theater. She says that she thinks the play is a musical. She asks them to perform for her. They do a number for Yang (3rd song of the night). Yang tells Shawn she can’t tell him and Shawn figures out that she was showing him. He finds her balloons and it leads to another apartment.

“When You Make Up a Song”

They look through the apartment and see that he’s been there soon. Shawn finds a list with Miles name on it.

Gus/Shawn are talking to a man named Armitage (Bostwick). They go to the main stage and Shawn sees that they are resurrecting Ripper and that’s why Z escaped.

Armitage is defending the new play and how it’s not like Z’s play. They start insinuating they want to be in the play, but a woman named Audra comes over and breaks it up. Armitage is talking and notices Zachary and ends the conversation.

Lassiter/Juliet are talking at the station. Lassiter tells her that the play being cancelled contributed to his failed marriage .

Shawn/Gus are talking to a few people asking about Miles. A woman screams and Miles body appears.

The group goes to see Woody who is doing an autopsy on Miles. We get our 4th song. Shawn is looking over the list and sees that there is a 2nd name. He says they need to talk to Elisa.

“The Opposite of That”

The group goes to see Elisa. She says that Z called her last night. They tell her that they will be leaving a cop there to protect her. Elisa says she wasn’t there the night of the fire because she didn’t think she was right for the part.

Lassiter/Juliet are looking over the play and see that it has chance to go to Broadway. Shawn/Gus show up. Shawn notices that Elisa is on the list of who’s going to the play. He calls Buzz and Buzz says there might be something going on. They all drive to the scene.

They see a man running and Juliet/Lassiter/Buzz run after him. Buzz tackles him but it was the man from the park.
Shawn sees Z walking through the house. Gus/Shawn g to the door and try to break it down. Shawn gets in through the glass door. Elisa comes out and says it was Z. Gus stays with her while Shawn goes after Z. They meet up. Z says he didn’t kill anyone and Shawn says he believes him. Lassiter disrupts them and Zachary punches him so he can get away.
Back at the house, they touch base. Gus notices that Yang knocked out the guard and got away.

Team is regouping at the station with Vick. Shawn thinks that maybe Z is innocent. Yang Skype calls Shawn. He asks if Z is innocent but she won’t help him unless he sings for her. While performing a song, the group sees him acting weird but he doesn’t get what he wants. Shawn takes Gus so that he can get his help to get Yang to talk. He gets a clue to Red 71.

Shawn/Gus go to Red 71 which is a room in the psych ward. Shawn finds letters that Z wrote to Elisa, but never sent. Juliet calls him and tell him to come down to a crime scene

Juliet leads them to Elisa’s dead body. Shawn says it’s not Z.

Juliet talks with Lassiter and wonders if Shawn is right and it leads to the 5th song. Lassiter thinks he knows where she could have died. He finds her outside a theater at 2:25.

“Under Santa Barbara Skies pt 2”

Shawn/Gus break into Elisa’s house. Shawn sees that Z got something delivered for him there, but nothing is inside the letter. Gus finds some props from the play and a box.

While looking through the box, Shawn finds a picture of Armitage from the theater that burned down.

Group talks with the detective in the play about Armitage. Shawn/Gus argue over who is the killer.

They are looking at Armitage talking with the new lead actress but Shawn has nothing of substance against Armitage. They chase after him and it causes him to get hit by a car.

Shawn/Gus talk with Armitage in the hospital. Armitage had thought they were working for his wife. Shawn thinks that his wife is the one that hit him with the car.

Shawn is talking with Henry. Shawn gets a call from Yang. Henry sees this and ends the call. He gives Shawn a lead.

Shawn goes to a bar where Z was a regular. He is playing at the piano. Shawn sks who killed Elisa and Z says he can’t tell him b/c then he can’t kill them. He moves the piano so that he can trap Shawn.

Shawn calls Gus for help.

They go back to room Red 71. They thought it was Z’s room but it was actually Yang’s room. They conclude that Yang is the killer because she fell in love with Z. Shawn sees a clue from the video chat and thinks he knows where she is.

Shawn/Gus go to the burnt theater. Gus goes to look in the apartment while Shawn talks with Yang. Someone drops down and hangs Shawn by the neck. Yang fights with the man and is able to save Shawn, but the person gets away. They go to see Yang and she had been stabbed and is dying. She tells him it will all be solved tonight with Z’s big finale. Yang dies and it leads to the 6th song with her and Mary (Simpson)


Shawn/Gus are at the show. Shawn knows that it was Lamberth that tried to kill him. They go and confront him. Lamberth says that they all were taught to get off the rope the spin way. They chase after him and they knock him out and they conclude he wasn’t the one that attacked him.

Shawn dresses as the Inspector. He goes through all the clues and thinks he’s figured it out. He calls Juliet and tells her to find the oldest script. We get the 7th song as Shawn tells Juliet about what happened.

“Shawn’s Revelation Song”

Shawn comes off the stage to stop Z from killing Ben and tells Gus to keep the show going. Shawn goes looking for them.

Juliet/Lassiter arrive and go and look for Shawn.

Shawn find them. Juliet/Lassiter show up and try to stop Z. Z doesn’t kill Ben and Lassiter arrests Ben.

Shawn/Gus are talking with Z in the psych ward about musical about the case.

January 8th Season 8 Premiere Promo:


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