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‘Psych’ finale including pineapple? Shawn and Gus offer fans a fond farewell

Psych fans are clearing their schedules on Wednesday, calling in sick if necessary and rushing to the store to buy pineapple to eat which watching the Psych finale. It is the final time Shawn and Gus come together on USA Network and the fans are ready to experience the journey together. According to Zap2It on Monday, there has been no better best-friend relationship on television than the one shared between Gus and Shawn.

The fans who loved the series didn't just love it for the crimes, but the intellectual rational that came with problem solving and a weekly pineapple sighting for good measure (a personal favorite.) Perhaps offering the assistance while being a fake psychic was a bit much, but the need to showboat offered a real ending to a case. Viewers could follow along as the clues were shown. The fans even coined their own name calling themselves “Psych-Os.”

Keeping it real, Gus and Shawn always seemed to be able to help solve crimes, even if the Santa Barbara Police Department didn't really want their help. Now, with the two pals leaving town there is going to be a void for ridiculous names for Gus, over the top phrases and the antics that lasted at least 45 minutes every week or however long it took to solve a case (whichever came first.) Following love, life and the pursuit of everything else, it seems that Shawn and Gus are closing this chapter of their lives. And maybe even take the pineapples with them.

With that we must add how sad it is to see the guys leave USA Network. With our pineapple drinks in the air, the fans offer a toast and share a joyous thought on all the memories. Thank you for the laughs from every Psych-O!

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