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‘Psych’ 8x4 - Shawn and Gus finally get a case as they help Woody

Shawn and Gus help the Santa Barbara police department help Woody who is being held hostage
Shawn and Gus help the Santa Barbara police department help Woody who is being held hostage

Last week, Shawn and Gus get a second chance at a case that they did in season 1. Creator Steve Franks had talked about this at the San Diego Comic Con last year, among other things that we could expect from this season. The show was filled with guest stars from over the seasons all playing different characters (which throws you off at first).

In this week’s episode, titled “Someone Got a Woody”, Woody is held hostage by a man who was wrongly accused of murder and Shawn and Gus insert themselves in the investigation to help Woody.

Shawn and Gus still have been having problems with finding cases for the Psych agency. Trout has been stonewalling them from the cases at the police department.

The man, named Cyrus, who takes Woody hostage tells him that the victim was found in his apartment and that he was not the one that killed him. Woody tells him that Shawn is a psychic so Cyrus calls in Shawn and Gus in to help him try to find out who killed the victim and prove he didn’t.

Despite Lassiter making a statement in the 2nd episode and proving himself, Trout is still keeping Lassiter from helping out in the cases. He has Juliet take the lead and Shawn and Gus tries to insert themselves in the case. But that of course is not going to stop Lassiter, he’s going to do anything he can to get his job back.

Fans of the show will be happy to see the costumes that Shawn and Gus used in the first episode of Season 7 when they were trying to go under cover at a gun range. This is the best part of the show as they have ways of bringing things from former seasons and just motioning to them make the fans feel all nostalgic.

In this episode, Trout shows how ruthless he can be. He makes decisions not really thinking about the consequences or what could happen to other people. In this episode, he gets shooters at the morgue to try and take out Cyrus not at all worried about something happening to Woody if something goes bad.

Of course in any other Psych episode, things go a little haywire as the plot thickens as the show continues. Juliet gets frustrated with Trout as he refuses to work as a team. So she does something bold and she asks Lassiter to help her with the situation before Woody gets hurt.

This is a show where the unit shows how good they work together as Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, and Juliet all work together to take down the real killer and help get Cyrus off. You would think that this would be enough for them to get back in Trout’s good graces? Guess again. He is in fact more angry, especially at Juliet and Lassiter for going against his word, despite the fact that it got justice. But in cruel irony, it’s Trout that gets fired.

In next week’s episode, Gus takes the lead on the case and Shawn has a hard time adjusting to being the 2nd in command.

What do you think of the show?

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