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‘Psych’ 8x1 Recap: Desperaux returns

Gus attends a Harry Potter convention in London.
Gus attends a Harry Potter convention in London.

In the season 8 opener, Desperaux (played by Cary Ewles) returns as Shawn follows Gus to London while he attends a Harry Potter convention. The last time Despereaux was around was in Season 6 when he faked his own death in order to steal a piece of art ("Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger"). Now, it looks like he is one of the good guys as he helps Shawn and Gus solve a crime in London.

The show opens up with Gus/Shawn at a stand up.

Shawn/Gus get a call in London. During Customs, they are looking at his Harry Potter wand. Then they decline him bring his Nimbus 2000 (aka a broom) and his potions.

When they get to London, they learn that someone named Royston Staley is looking for them. They soon learn that Royston is Despereaux.

Despereaux tells them about how 10 years early he was asked to go undercover. He tells them that he never stole anything but he was getting creditability to take down some crime bosses. He tells them they got a tip about a crime boss named Ronnie Ives. Despereaux says that he needs their help to find Ronnie. Of course, Gus doesn’t want to do it.

Despereaux has someone that is working with Ronnie and he looks like Shawn. He wants Shawn to take that person’s part and join Ronnie’s team.

Despereaux is trying to get Shawn ready but he keeps joking.

Shawn is going to meet with Ronnie while Gus and Desperaux are watching him. Gus sees Rupert Grint (who plays Ron in the Harry Potter series) and goes to meet him.

Shawn meets with Ronnie. Despereaux tells Shawn just to get the job description and get out of there. Ronnie says they need another man. Shawn sees Gus looking for Rupert Grint and offers to bring him in on it.

Shawn tries to convince Gus to do it but Gus doesn’t want to miss the Harry Potter convention. Ultimately, Gus will agree to it. Gus uses Harry Potter terms to defend his creditability. Ronnie takes Shawn and Gus to another location to test them out.

They take Shawn/Gus to an empty building and has Shawn test out his driving. Shawn does horrible driving but Ronnie has him come anyways. Gus is able to get by luckily when he accidentally blows up a trashcan.

Shawn/Gus go to see Despereaux. His partner, Winnie, tells him that he’s new and doesn’t really Despereaux. He says a man Stuysuvant hired him. Gus thinks that Despereaux is setting them up again. Shawn calls Lassiter and asks him to look up Royston Staley. Lassiter says there is no one by that name working for Interpol and there is also no one by the name of Stuysuvant.

Shawn/Gus tells Winnie about Despereaux.

Shawn/Gus go into Ronnie’s place. Shawn figures out that the heist is going to happen at one of the royal residences. Harry, one of the guys from the group, comes in. He says he won’t tell Ronnie if they cut him in on their heist.

Shawn/Gus are helping Winnie try and find the house. Despereaux comes to talk to them when Shawn gets a tesxt from Ronnie about meeting. They don’t tell Despereaux.

They meet with Ronnie and learn that they are working the heist now. On the drive, Ronnie says there is a new traitor and he tosses Harry. They go and pick up a new member and it’s Despereaux.

Despereaux says that he learned that Winston was holding out information which his why Despereaux inserted himself in the case. Shawn gets a call from Lassiter saying that Royston Staley was completely erased recently.

Shawn/Gus/Despereaux go to the house. Inside, Shawn/Gus find Calvin Dorchester and learn that he’s related to Ronnie. They come to the conclusion that it’s not a heist but an assassination. Deidre comes in and says that she’s going to kill them and frame it on Dorchester. Ronnie comes in and gets mad because Dorchester kept the fortune from Ronnie and his family.

Shawn/Gus get tired up while waiting for the police to arrive. They seen Despereaux making off with some gold and other valuables. Ronnie goes to shoot them when Despereaux comes and saves them.

Gus still doesn’t believe that Depereaux is Staley. A man, who turns out to be, Stuyvesant comes and asks talk to Despereaux.

Shawn/Gus go to visit Despereaux and learn that he got suspended. Gus sees that Stuyvesant is the homeless person outside. Shawn says that he chooses to believe that they weren’t set up again.

Next week, Lassiter believes that he is going to die and he enlists the help of Shawn and Gus to figure out why.

Here is the promo for next week "S.E.I.Z.E. the Day" Promo:

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