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Psy, Morgan Spurlock, Norma Kamali attend Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards

The 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards honored Psy, Morgan Spurlock, Norma Kamali and more at the NYU Stern School of Business on last Friday.

Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards
Getty Images
Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards
Getty Images

Psy has had a very busy past few days. He is on tour promoting his new single "Gentleman," which is already smashing youtube records. He then made an appearance at the Dodgers game to meet Dodger Hyun-Jin Ryu on April 30. On Friday, fans woke up really early to see the singer perform an NBC's "The Today Show." He also visited SiriusXM Studios and the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show on Friday.

When we asked him out youtube changed his life at the Tribeca Film Festival event, he said, "So I basically was working with a company called YG in Korea and they’re also with the boy band called Big Bang and the girl band called 2ne1, and they both have a lot of fans worldwide. The reason why the company is using YouTube is because of the both of them, not me. So I was only for Korea. And they just uploaded a video so I asked them, “Hey, you don’t have to do that!” But they said, you know, “It’s just a common thing, so don’t worry about it.” So I did it, but it pops up like this so what can I say? Sh*t happens, you know."

Iconic Fashion designer Norma Kamali was recognized for her fight to stop the objectification of women. When we asked her how she found out about the award she told, "Well, I found out in a great way. I got a lovely note telling me that I fit into this little abstract world that I always felt I was in, so it's nice to kind of get a recognition amongst a group of other people who are a little abstract, too. So I'm thrilled to be here today." When we asked her how film influenced her as a designer, she explained, "Maybe not necessarily just as a designer but Francois Truffaut, "Fahrenheit 451," has been my all time favorite reference for, “Oh my God, this is really happening!” And I think his look into the future in the 60’s was extraordinary in the way he demonstrated it in that film. So that's been my all-time film. Appropriate wouldn't you say for this award?"

Morgan Spurlock was excited to honored for his GE Focus Forward initative, he told, "I love documentary films and the goal for us when we originally created this was to kind of get docs out in the world for more people to kind of see and experience. And you know, the fact that we cooked up this idea a couple of years ago at TED when Jack Myers and I met Beth Comstack, the CMO of GE, and now here we are literally almost two years later having made 30 fantastic films, by 30 great filmmakers, having had this contest where we gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to young, up-and-coming amateur filmmakers and to kind of have to be recognized for the impact that it has had is remarkable, you know. I'm really proud of this whole series of films and for me it shows you that you really can make a difference with a documentary film, even if it's only three minutes."

He also had plenty to say about his latest documentary, "One Direction: This Is Us."

Q: What was it like working with One Direction?

Morgan Spurlock: We're still working with them. It's been an incredible experience, you know. It's a fascinating, eye-opening world and where they are at this moment in time is incredible and to kind of go on that ride with them has been a great journey.

Q: What can fans expect?

Morgan Spurlock: I think you're going to start to see that it's not just all good times, like they have good times but there is a tremendous amount of work that those guys actually do. They're up early, they work late, you know, they’ll come off stage and go write in the studio and start recording their next album at like midnight. So, I was impressed with the amount of work that those guys do on a daily basis.

Q: Is there a lot of crazy fan action?

Morgan Spurlock: There's all kinds of fan action. It’s pretty great. There's so much in the film that I think people will enjoy and for us it's also kind of showing you a different side of this…We ask the question, "why them? Why these guys, why now," and you know, we talked to this one doctor who basically tells us like what happens inside a girl’s body when she hears one direction, like what happens in her brain and what goes on inside of her, and it's going to be great.


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