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See also has teamed up with the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue (MWCR) to help foster dogs by donating PSCPets Dental Care Kits to each dog that is currently being fostered by MWCR to help provide much needed dental care.

MWCR is a registered non-profit charitable organization that is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to providing the necessary care to both smooth and rough collies that are in need of new homes. MWCR provides all medical care for the foster collies including general health exams, dental care, heartworm prevention and treatment, as well as surgical care as needed. MWCR was founded in 2002 and is excited to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year in 2012. Individuals who are interested in learning more about the MWCR and the dogs that they currently have available for adoption can visit their website.

“Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health condition for both dog and cats, but it is preventable in most cases with appropriate daily oral care at home.” said Punkaj Jain, Vice-President at “Although it is best to start this oral care routine at a young age, it is never too late as pets of all ages can benefit from preventative oral care.”

The PSCPets Dental Care Kit is easy to use and give dog owners a way to provide complete oral care for their dogs at home. This kit is designed to provide preventative oral care and help avoid costly veterinarian dental procedures. Each PSCPets Dental Care Kit includes a 60 day supply of PSCPets Dental Probiotics, one - 4 ounce bottle of PSCPets Dental Cleanser Spray, and one - 4 ounce bottle of PSCPets Dental Cleanser Gel.

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