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PS4, Xbox One versions of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ delayed six months

A screenshot of Stros M'Kai
A screenshot of Stros M'Kai
Photo courtesy of Zenimax Online, used with permission

Although expected to release in June, Zenimax Online announced on Thursday that The Elder Scrolls Online will be delayed on PS4 and Xbox One. The fantasy MMO with a focus on PvP will instead release about six months later.

Due to “unique problems” arising with the console version of the game, the title will delayed “about six months.” This would tentatively put the release of the game in Dec. 2014; however, that is just an estimate based on this latest announcement.

PC players, of course, will be impacted little by this. Console players, though, will not only have to wait for their release but also take into consideration the new PC to console character transfer publicized today. The megaservers for each platform are separate; however, players that pay for the PC version now can transfer their leveled characters to PS4 and Xbox One when the title eventually launches on those consoles.

For an additional $20, after a player has paid for the game on PC, characters can be transferred from PC to console at the time of launch. This $20 includes the client for the chosen console and a one-month subscription. It is not noted if a PC player needs to subscribe at least one month in order to be eligible for transfer.

This is a good way to alter the launch landscape especially for those focused on doing something first on a server. PvP players and emperor enthusiasts should also note that if characters are immediately transferred that means max level players will already exist on the game the first day it is open on consoles. Not to mention, cynics might say that the PC version is definitely feeling more like a test server for the console versions with an offer like this.

Of course, those just looking forward to playing on console can enjoy the PC version until the console launch and rest assured that their progress can move to the console when they do. Technically, they will still be paying a little more but at least they could be playing the game.

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