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PS4 / Xbox One Software Power Rankings August 2014 Week 4

Metro Redux
Metro Redux
Deep Silver

(Note: All games were received from their respective publishers for coverage and review purposes.)

This week's power rankings sees Wolfenstein: The New Order retired to the Hall of Fame, a well-deserved designation for a rare shooter that got better the more I played it. More importantly, August saw the PlayStation library surpass 100 games (!), not counting PlayStation Now, expansions, and bundle SKUs.

  1. Metro Redux - Between this and The Last of Us: Remastered, there's something disturbing when the best remastered games in this new console generation are post-apocalyptic ones. Metro and The Last of Us excel in true grit, but Metro also exile's humanity underground to make things extra depressing, like those future scenes in the first Terminator movie.
  2. Infamous: First Light - I recently reviewed the second DLC of Dark Souls II for Gamespot, not to mention played an upcoming turn-based strategy game I can't mention (yet). So to play something as fast and fluid as Infamous: First Light was a source of relief whenever I needed a straightforward melee/shooter/platformer fix.
  3. Madden 15 - As we're into the first full year of the new console generation, Madden 15 actually feels and looks like it took genuine advantage of the new hardware, as opposed to last year's Madden 25. If you try it out, look for notable improvements in defense and ball handling.
  4. Counter Spy - I never imagined that a game could capture 1960's-era color and design aesthetics this accurately, right down to the digital dust specks. Put it in the context of a Cold War-period spy game, and you have one of my favorite games of 2014.
  5. The Walking Dead: Zen Pinball - Out the same week as the Season 2 game finale and right before PAX, this pinball game's release could not have been timed better. Zen Studios have done a great job in packing their thematic pinball tables with an abundance of tie-in visuals, and The Walking Dead (based off the first season) is no exception.
  6. The Last of Us: Remastered - Current status in Survivor Mode: 88 deaths and just started Winter. This gorgeous shoe-in for my Hall of Fame list will be retired after I beat Grounded Mode.
  7. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition - The only thing that would complete my Diablo III experience is to finally unlock the randomly generated rift based on The Last of Us. You can read my review of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition at
  8. Hohokum - Often times, Hohokum feels like that game models should be playing in Sony's sizzle reels, the kind of attractive consumers who play in pristine white living rooms. While my game type of choice for relaxing and killing time are story-driven games, Hohokum is even easier to get into and easier to put down, perfect for this long weekend.
  9. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - At this point, I should just retire FFXIV: ARR to the Hall of Fame and bring it back to this list with every new patch. I cannot recall an MMO reboot that pulled it off as well as this game has, though to be fair, not many companies would have the nerve for such an overhaul.
  10. Road Not Taken - Given the endearing visual aspects of Don't Starve and Spelunky, it's a great achievement that Road Not Taken still manages to be the cutest roguelike in recent memory. I greatly appreciate Sony for including this among the choices of PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection choices this month.
  11. The Swapper - It's a shame this sci-fi exploratory platformer didn't get enough love upon its release. I can't think of a game that captures the dark ambiance of the movie Prometheus as well as The Swapper (that's a complement).
  12. The Golf Club - With only Powerstar Golf as the only golfing option this generation, I was really looking forward to The Golf Club. Unfortunately, the jerky animation has been a near-dealbreaker for me, but I'll give it another chance by playing another 3 rounds.
  13. Fez - The recent game industry drama might affirm that Phil Fish might never make another game again. Fez's inclusion in this month's PS Plus Instant Game Collection is a worthwhile reminder that he has graced us with at least one remarkable game.
  14. Strike Suit Zero - As one of the free Xbox One Games With Gold titles this month, Strike Suit Zero is a sad reminder that we do not have enough space combat shooters these days. It's a good thing this is a solid space adventure, complete with transforming ships.
  15. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - With its introduction to the PS4 last week, I enjoyed revisiting the technicolor suburban war-torn landscape with cute flowers as gun turrets and quarterback zombies. It's of little surprise that some Xbox One owners are preferring this over Titanfall as their multiplayer shooter of choice.

Hall Of Fame

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Titanfall
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  • Rayman Legends
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order
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