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PS4 vs Xbox One Games Chart from Jan thru May Shows Major Difference

ps4 vs xbox one
ps4 vs xbox one

Nine months after Microsoft originally unveiled its ID@Xbox self-publishing program for the Xbox One, the first independent game to go through the system has launched. Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, the space combat game from Born Ready Games that originally launched on PC last year, has now released for Xbox One through ID@Xbox and for PS4.

To fuel the console war between latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a trustworthy industry insider has made a statement claiming that Microsoft's Xbox One will follow PlayStation 4′s lead throughout the current generation of gaming. Xbox One currently ranks below PlayStation 4 and the main cause for that is the console's comparatively low...

It's funny here that people are wanting to leave out indie game and free-to-play categories only to help guide their argument in the way they want it to go. Talk about agenda. Cause somehow, these are not games and not experiences from which plenty of enjoyment can be had. Nope, they're useless experiences cause they don't have a bloated budget. Regardless, PS4 is a more popular option and has been for the past few months, so gamers must be pretty happy with the "lack of AAA content". So this list (as usual) names all the Xbox one exclusives you can think of and ignore key upcoming games for PS4. It's convenient how that works, eh? Saying PS4 games have no replayability really speaks for what kind of gamer you are. (Flame wars abound on these user created comments per the full report: GameGuidedog Report PS4 vs Xbox One Games Chart from Jan thru May Shows Major Difference)

If you'd been gaming for the past 20 years, you'd know that a single player experience is more than worth playing through multiple times. AND... there are MORE multiplayer experiences on PS4, including the recently released Final Fantasy XIV, so the whole "replayability" argument is null and void. On the quality scale, indies have been better rated than most of those games you listed, with Outlast in particular being better than something like Ryse, regardless of it not having multiplayer.

Killer Instinct is about as AAA as any of the free-to-play games on PS4. People have determined the PS4 to be the better option for them for many, many reasons that have already been covered on a couple of articles over this weekend. Indies have proven to be pretty great already, and the scope in which we're seeing is only expanding, to draw the lines between indie and AAA. Octodad and Daylight come out in the next 2 weeks. Both are solid-looking games for different reasons. MLB 14: The Show is next month's game - what's Xbone's next big game, just out of interest?