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PS4 Twitch streaming grows to 20 percent of all broadcasts

PS4 is quickly gaining a foothold on Twitch. (Twitch)

The Playstation 4 launched with support for Twitch streaming while the Xbox One did not. That hiccup on Microsoft's part appears to be paying off for Sony as Twitch announced Tuesday that live broadcasts from PS4 users have grown to 20 percent of the total number of all broadcasts.

"Ever since we began working with the major console platform companies, we were confident the integration of live broadcasting to Twitch would be a game changer," said Matthew DiPietro, VP Marketing, Twitch. "Based on our success with PlayStation 4, which currently represents 20% of our broadcaster base, our vision was on the mark. We envision a day when broadcasting your gameplay is a ubiquitous piece of the gaming experience. We’re well on our way."

The PS4 supports streaming through Ustream as well which has resulted in more than 22 million spectate sessions between both streaming services according to a Sony press release.

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