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PS4 stock issue and Xbox One competition discussed by Sony

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Sony Computer Entertainment’s John Koller has made some comments about the stock issue and Xbox One competition in regards to the PS4. In an interview with CVG on Jan. 8, the marketing vice president stated that the next-generation system has a fantastic “upside” in the near future. He also hinted that the PS4 may still be hard to find.

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Although Sony Computer Entertainment is still shipping a lot of units to the retailers, the PS4 next-generation systems sell out quickly. John Koller admitted that the demand for the product is still chasing the supply. You can take a look at some hardware images in the gallery to the left of this article and his comments below (courtesy of CVG):

I think the upside for PS4 in the next set amount of time is fantastic. We've been very open about this, but demand is going to chase supply a bit so we need to continue to supply the market as much as we can. We'll keep doing that, but as soon as it hits retail it's leaving.

The marketing vice president also talked a little bit about the console war against the Xbox One. Although he stated that Sony Computer Entertainment keeps an eye on the competition, the company’s main focus is to build as big of an install base as possible. Doing so will convince publisher to release video games, with some as exclusives, to the PS4.

Sony’s next-generation system has sold more than 4.2 million units as of Dec. 28. Microsoft previously announced that the Xbox One managed to sell 3 million systems as of the end of 2013, which gives the PS4 an early lead in the next-generation cycle.