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PS4 head on Morpheus: You can’t take a PS4 game and port it to virtual reality

What do you think about Morpheus?
What do you think about Morpheus?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Project Morpheus was unveiled months ago and it certainly has plenty of people interested, but bringing the device forward from a concept phase to an actual mass market product is another matter. The PS4 ecosystem is performing very well for Sony and the company is still figuring out where Morpheus fits into that equation.

Project Morpheus will hopefully have its day in the sun, but when that will be isn't known quite yet. PlayStation Europe head Jim Ryan spoke about Project Morpheus and where they seem to be with the device's development.

"Well, you know we were clearly identified as one of the three pillar businesses and areas of Sony’s business that will be subject to investment. Right now Morpheus is still R&D and one of the things we’re figuring out is precisely how much resource can be, and needs to be, devoted to it. Because what’s apparent is that you can’t just take a PS4 game and just port it to virtual reality, that’s not gonna work," Ryan said.

He's absolutely right with that last sentence. While playing Madden 15 on Project Morpheus would be an incredible experience, Resogun might be a bit too sketchy. There's absolutely a fine line between something that works well with the concept of Morpheus and games that don't.

What that is for each individual person could possibly differ, creating a very difficult, unknown variable for Sony and consumers. You don't want to spend $60 on a game and then physically not be able to handle the experience, but that's further down the rabbit hole than we should go right now.

Project Morpheus is undeniably a cool idea and most of the industry seems to agree with that. The issue is taking the device from a concept and moving it into a viable business asset. Sony is trying to move the device from a cool concept to a valid business model for their developers and others as well.

"Yeah, and you know we’re looking at it very carefully. What is the right sort of gaming experience? What’s the development effort required? Because if we can’t afford to do it then other people won’t be able to afford to do it.

"But there is something there, everybody that tries it goes ‘wow!’ and so there appears to be consumer acceptance of the concept. And when that happens usually businesses find a way, to meet consumer demand. Now, like I say, it’s just R&D at the moment and that is one of a long list of things that we’re trying to figure out the answer to," Ryan said.

Project Morpheus seems to be very much in the work in progress stages and not something we'll see anytime soon. We do expect to hear more about Morpheus and how it plays into the PlayStation ecosystem by E3 next year, hopefully.

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