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PS4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children tasks you to restore the world's population

Ready for The Tomorrow Children?
Ready for The Tomorrow Children?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

The Tomorrow Children was officially unveiled for the PS4 yesterday during Sony's press briefing for Gamescom 2014. It's certainly one of the more odd games we've seen, yet it has a palpable charm that's hard to ignore.

With The Tomorrow Children being such a unique title, Q-Games divulged more details about the game's mission as well as its elections. Dylan Cuthbert, who is president and executive producer at Q-Games, spoke about the main task for players to accomplish in The Tomorrow Children, as well as a recurring feature that's essential to succeeding.

"The main goal is to restore the population of the world and you will discover strange Matryoshka dolls which contain the raw DNA essence of the devastated populace. Taking these to the restoration points in the town will bring them back to life and they’ll start working on the town, carrying things around and repairing it for you

"Every couple of days an election is held and everyone votes on the mayor they wish to be elected. And choosing the right mayor is crucial. One mayor might lower the resource cost of all buildings by 20%, while another might increase weapons’ efficiency, allowing the turrets to reload more quickly – handy when there is a swarm of spiders attacking!" Cuthbert said.

This idea of a shared world is an interesting feature for The Tomorrow Children. With elections occurring fairly often and how tangible they are to your progression in the game, they will serve as a great function for keeping players engaged in the game.

You saw in the PS4 trailer for The Tomorrow Children that people were lining up in front of small booth-like buildings called labor offices. Cuthbert explained what purpose labor offices have in The Tomorrow Children and detailed what role mined resources will play.

"Every little thing you do garners recognition points that you can cash in at the labor office to earn coupons from the state. These ‘ration’ coupons can be cashed in for better abilities. For example, don’t want to line up anymore? Then get yourself the 'Sharp Elbows' perk and push in like a bossy bourgeoisie!

"The first thing you’ll be expected to do is explore and mine for materials, because the town needs as many resources as it can get to defend itself from the marauding attacks of the Izverg – giant monsters that roam the Void. The islands you visit to mine resources are also generated by the Void and contain all kinds of strange things, including monsters and treasure. They usually come in the shape of symbolic structures or objects from humanity’s past.

"With the mined resources you can craft buildings and items (such as gun turrets, light fixtures, cars and tanks) that everyone can use together to grow the town and defeat the Izverg," Cuthbert said.

The Tomorrow Children is another PS4 exclusive that was announced yesterday, but we do not have any idea of when the game will be released. It's another that didn't have a year listed, so it could be a 2016 title. We'll keep an eye out for more details that surface in the future.

Thanks, PSBlog!

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