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PS4-exclusive 'Project Beast' footage leaks, gamers embrace

Is this the “Project Beast” clips you are looking for? Alleged gameplay clips from the upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive leaked out Thursday night ahead of the game’s reveal at E3 in June.

'Project Beast' Leaked PS4 Screenshots-slide0
From Software, Sony

The clips were posted on NeoGAF by member drotahorror and potentially gives the first look at the game in action. More interestingly, it shows an evolution of From Software’s formula from the “Demon’s Souls” and “Dark Souls” titles.

The main character in the game is not only carrying a bladed melee weapon of some sorts but also a shotgun. That indicates some sort of time shift from the traditional medieval period of “Dark Souls” into something slightly more modern but no less nightmarish.

The gameplay clips follow the leak of images from “Project Beast” that also appeared on NeoGAF at the beginning of May. Some of the images appear to be taken directly from the gameplay clips that were included.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is rumored to be co-developing the title with From Software which results in the game’s exclusivity to the PS4. The poster of the original image on 4chan who claimed to have seen footage of “Project Beast” described a character walking around and fighting creatures like a “giant mindflayer type” enemy. There was also a “huge pyromancy fireball” along with the text, “This is a nightmare.”

The PS4 exclusive “The Order 1886” was recently delayed to early 2015 so that developer Ready at Dawn Studios could polish the game up to a high sheen before release. As a result, the console only has one known console exclusive planned for the rest of 2014 in the form of “Driveclub.”

It’s unknown if “Project Beast” will be released in 2014 but a demonstration during Sony’s E3 press conference on June 9 would probably set the game community ablaze with hype based on the reaction to what has leaked so far. NeoGAF and commenters on other forums and website have been nothing short of enthusiastic over a brief 19 seconds worth of gameplay footage.

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