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PS4 and Xbox One versions of 'Elder Scrolls Online' will have major UI changes

Changes were made to make the console version more user-friendly
Changes were made to make the console version more user-friendly
Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax Studios

At long last, Bethesda is bringing their critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls franchise into the MMO market. We recently had a chance to speak with ZeniMax Online Studios' Matt Firor, who acted as the game's director, to ask about the development process. Having originally been designed with only PC and Mac in mind, we wanted to know how its pending release on the PS4 and Xbox One affected the game's design.

After next-gen consoles were announced, our community continually asked us to bring the game to those platforms as well. We based our UI look and feel on Skyrim and Oblivion – simple, out of the way, with an emphasis on having the player look at the world, not the UI.

Firor went on to state that this philosophy made it easy to transition development over to consoles. Even with this approach, the team still had to change several things with the UI so Elder Scrolls Online could be more controller friendly. Still, having the game's interface be familiar to their previous console versions will make it a lot easier for fans to jump into this game when it launches in June. The PC and Mac version will be available on April 4th.

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