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PS4 and Xbox One shipment discussed by Michael Pachter

PS4 and Xbox One shipments discussed by Michael Pachter
PS4 and Xbox One shipments discussed by Michael Pachter
Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment

Michael Pachter has provided a few more comments in regards to the shipment numbers of the PS4 and Xbox One. According to a report by Gamepur on Jan. 20, the analyst at Wedbush Securities stated that Sony may be shipping 1.4 million units a month with a target of 16 or 17 million for the first full year. He believed that the company’s strategy is “shocking” and caught Microsoft off guard. You can find his comments below:

Sony’s 4.2 million through December 31st, they didn’t start manufacturing til September 1st. You know that. I mean we would have seen picture of the assembly. They manufactured 1.4 million a month? And you cannot commit manufacturing capacity for less than a year, so their manufacturing plan is 16 or 17 million PS4. That’s shocking.

Michael Pachter went on to state that Microsoft is shipping approximately one million units of the Xbox One per month. The analyst projected that both next-generation systems could combine to sell 28 million units over the next year, which is a lot more than the sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 ever achieved in the same time frame. You can find some images of the consoles with the slideshow to the left of this article and his statement below:

But the good news is, add those two numbers together… 28 million consoles next year? Is that even possible? That’s Shocking! I mean these guys sold 22 million in a peak year in the past, so these guys are thinking big, big, big, that will attract more software, really good for consumers.

The PS4, which was released on Nov. 15th of 2013, was able to sell through 4.2 million units as of Dec. 28th. On the other hand, Microsoft reportedly sold 3 million Xbox One systems from Nov. 22nd to Dec. 31st of last year.

Both new consoles will also be released in other regions this year, meaning that the sales should continue to remain healthy.

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