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PS3 price drop may be small if it arrives in 2009, if at all


For months, gamers have expressed their opinions about having the price of the PS3 dropped so that either they or someone they know can afford it.

One of the biggest predictions going into E3 this year was that Sony would announce a price drop for their 2 year old system. E3 2009 came and went and the PS3 still remains at the $400 mark.

What Sony did give us, however, is the announcement of the not-so-secret PSP Go, a new version of the handheld system that will feature a driveless model, giving consumers all of their gaming needs via internet download. The price for this new handheld is $249, not too far from the price of a PS3.

A good reason why Sony may not cut the price of the PS3 this year, other than the fact that the console still losses the company a little bit of money per sale (though it is smaller of a loss than in the past) is that Sony might not want to step on the toes of their newest device.

A price drop for the PS3 is ideal and is very much needed, but consumers might be turned off in buying a PSP Go at its release or for the holidays if the Go is $249 and the PS3 possibly costing $299. Many consumers might just go for the Big Black Box instead of the smaller, sleek handheld. Though sales of the PS3 would increase, and a price cut would guarantee this, the sales of the PSP Go would suffer in the costs being so close to one another.

So what should Sony do? I think giving the PS3 a price break of $50 would be a good start for the 2009 Holiday season. Keeping the PS3 price the same all year will surely affect sales, and lowering the PS3 price too much this year could harm the launch of the PSP Go.

Sure, you might say that Nintendo's systems are close in price, but $150 and $250 ($400 total for both) are a little easier to swallow than $250 and $300-$400 combined ($550-$650 total), especially in this time of saving one's money.

Should Sony take the $100 plunge and risk sales of the PSP Go? Or are the two completely separate markets when it comes to consumers and gamers?


  • yodathe3rd 5 years ago

    i think that sony really needs to jump off the deep end and take the $100 drop to get more sales. I think they would do just fine with the $50 drop but if they go mise well go big or go home. And i think the hardcore market is going to buy the PS3 no matter what the price is.

  • hmm... 5 years ago

    i think Sony is reconsidering the price of the psp go... but i don't know what they are going to do with ps3's price.....if u consider these 2 factors how does the release of new hardware (psp go) effect the release of the ps3 slim (possibility that Sony plans on releasing slim next year)... funny thing is, the psp go is cheaper to make than the psp 3000

  • wow... 5 years ago

    just drop the price already the only reason everyone buys xbox is because it's cheap and their titles are at a reasonable price.If ps3 lowers its price everyone is going to buy it.

  • SephirothSlayr 5 years ago

    I think the reason of the PS3 price drop being at $100 and the new PSP system starting out at $250, is because of the compatability of the 2 systems. I mean, if you have 2 different systems, that are compatable with one another, that you can link together via WI-FI, that is way farther than anyone has ever pushed a gaming console. The PS3 console itself has enough power to push anyone out of the market, all that they need to do is find the true gamers and ask what they would like to have. AKA Final Fantasy VII, yes they gave it to us on PSP and PS3, but we want updated graphics. Make me feel like I live in Midgar, make the Mako flow like water. I have followed Nintendo from the beginning, but SONY stole my heart when I picked up that controller. They haven't siezed to amaze me yet, and a price drop will give them the extra push to boot Microsoft right off the map. And blu ray isn't cheap at all, so they have created a monster when they developed it in the beginning. Thank you SONY!! :D

  • Canuck102 5 years ago

    I am sure that there will be a direct relation between the PSP Go and the PS3. The only way that the PS3 will drop $100.00 is if the PSP Go drops $50.00; a situation I don't think you have considered.

    Whatever happens, a price drop will bring me one step close in owning either a PS3 or PSP Go.

  • desktopman 5 years ago

    Another ripoff from sony: the psp go. It costs less to make than the regular psps due to its lack of an optical drive and now sony is marketing it for a higher price? The pspgo will be bound to fail if sony does not reconsider a price drop. Also the PS3 is being crippled not only by its price but by the games simultaneously released on its cheaper counterpart; the 360. A price drop of about $50-$100 will favor the pocket of the economist gamer. Also developers should consider making more exclusive games in order to strengthen the consoles game library.

  • conman2be 5 years ago

    Another screw up by sony trying to ripoff the people with some console that slimer,cheaper to make andit cost $80 bucks more to make. sony can't do anything right when it comes to there products