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PS3 game site proves games do good things for kids


PS3 Attitude, a PS3-centric website chock-full of news, interviews, previews and editorials donated 100% of its operating profit this week to UK game industry charity Games Aid. Donating all the money generated by ads, click-throughs and sales on the site is possible due to PS3 Attitude having the good fortune of being privately funded and harboring a stable of dedicated volunteers.

These volunteers include writers, social networking managers and podcast personalities haling from the US West Coast, Europe, Australia and Japan who donate 15 to 90 minutes a day creating content for the PS3 Attitude website. Begun in 2007, the site hopes to spread its philanthropic activities by continuing to recruit volunteers to expand the site which has already reached over 1 million PS3 owners and is growing at a rate of over 200% per year.

That's good news for charitable partner GamesAid's which focuses on small to medium-sized organizations that benefit children and young people. All money donated to GamesAid goes for things that significantly affect disadvantaged children; things like education, health, housing and career guidance.

When GamesAid isn't being gifted by generous gaming websites, it raises money the old-fashioned way—by holding social or sporting events, selling game packs and soliciting individual and corporate donations and memberships.

To check current openings on the PS3 Attitude's team of volunteers, visit the PS3 Attitude website.


  • Jim 5 years ago

    Awesome! GOOO PS3attitude
    they are great at what they do, all for the cause