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PS Now needs at least 5mbps connection, resolution may be reduced

Playstation Now
Playstation Now
More Playstation Now details have emerged. (Sony)

More details about the Playstation Now streaming service for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita was revealed following Sony's CES announcement. This includes the minimum connection speed, what happens if your connection drops and what will be needed to play on a Sony Bravia HDTV.

Senior Manager of PlayStation Digital Platforms Matt Harper answered several questions from Playstation fans on the PS Blog about the Playstation Now service.

About the minimum connection speed, Harper said: "We recommend a 5MBPS+ connection. In our internal tests, users with this bandwidth or greater have been enjoying a low latency, high-quality gaming experience. PS Now tests your connection of each game and optimizes for quality if you are above the minimum requirements.

"We strive to make the gameplay experience feel as if the game is being played locally on their device – fast and responsive (including for FPS and games with twitch mechanics). The Closed Beta will definitely provide a great opportunity to test the experience with gamers with varying connection speeds and our developers will, of course, be working diligently to optimize the service based upon the feedback we receive from the community."

For connection drops, Harper explains that, "If your connection drops while using PS Now, we may temporarily and adaptively reduce your resolution to maintain a responsive experience."

Since Playstation Now is completely online based, game saves will be hosted online as well so that you can access them on any supported device according to Harper.

Harper also explained that only Playstation 3 titles will be available first to stream to the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Bravia TVs with support for other devices to be added in the future. PS2, PS1 and possibly PS4 titles will eventually be made available later as well.

As for Bravia TVs, all that will be needed is a a set that supports Playstation Now, a DualShock 3 controller and a high-speed internet connection. Games that have online multiplayer will support online play through Playstation Now as well regardless of the device it is being played on.

Harper says to expect details on pricing for individual rentals and the subscription service closer to launch. Sony will use the closed beta that launches at the end of January to get feedback from users about pricing before making a final determination.

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