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Pruning old shrubbery and under growth

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Shrubs and weedy trees will take over an area that has not been tended in several years. With the help of some friends this project begins to get a complete makeover.

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The Formosa azalea grows very large, sometimes 6 feet or more in diameter if not pruned. They will also send out feeders or the branches that touch the ground will root. This makes the plant seem bigger than it really is. But the addition of new plants growing in a space meant for one plant gets out of hand quickly.

Vines like Virginia creeper, Pepper Vine and wild Honeysuckle love to grow where they are not disturbed which is under and around your overgrown shrubs and trees. Other weedy trees, like the wild Mimosa, will find their way among your shrubbery. Mimosa also will send out feeder plants.

To do a job this big takes some large pruning loppers, hand pruners and hand saws. If you have a small chain saw then the job gets a lot easier. Most of the plants in this area were small enough that a large pair of pruning loppers was very useful in cutting them back.