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PRT Paranormal Talk Radio show to raise funds for disabled vets on Memorial Day

Phillip Pearse of PRT Paranormal Talk Radio will be dedicating his Memorial Day show to raise funds for disabled vets.
Phillip Pearse of PRT Paranormal Talk Radio will be dedicating his Memorial Day show to raise funds for disabled vets.
Phillip Pearse, PRT Paranormal Talk Radio

With Memorial Day on our heels what could be more appropriate than raising awareness and funding for our disabled veterans? PRT Paranormal Talk, an internet radio program is doing just that tomorrow on Memorial Day evening at 8 pm PST.

PRT Paranormal Talk's host Phillip Pearse will be joined by internet radio hosts Reverend Wayne S. Pierce (host of The Views Expressed) and BK (Brian Kellar). BK is the host of The Truth Factor and author of Dictator in Chief, a fictional account of how an American president could turn the United States into dictatorship). The show will be dealing with veterans' issues.

Phillip Pearse knows too well how difficult it can be for veterans to make ends meet on the disability payments they receive from the government. He served in the United States Navy from 1995 to 1998 aboard the USS South Carolina CGN 37 as a machinist mate. Pearse is designated to be 30% disabled.

Consider the fact that a veteran who is 100% disabled typically only receives less than $3000. a month and will likely be dealing with major health issues that may include missing limbs, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Additionally, these health issues make it difficult for them to function independently on a daily basis. A surprisingly high number of vets end up being homeless due to an inability to make ends meet financially.

To learn more about the issues that our veterans deal with as a result of their service to our country, join Phillip Pearse and his guests tomorrow night at 8 pm Pacific at the following link: The Facebook page is more information on PRT Paranormal Talk click on the folowing link:

Remember that our veterans have sacrificed a great deal for our freedom. Thank a veteran for their service to our country. They are glad to know that they are appreciated by those they have protected and served. Freedom is never really free, as there are many Americans who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in this great nation. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day, and as always, happy haunting! ~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Paranormal Examiner

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