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Province denies trial for reportedly haunted Kitchener building

Province denies trial for reportedly haunted Kitchener building
Province denies trial for reportedly haunted Kitchener building
Photo: Jon Feinstein via Flickr

The owner of a Kitchener, Ont., historical building hoping to sue for not being disclosed of the haunting when he purchased it was denied a hearing by the Ontario Court of Appeal, according to The Record published on April 15.

The owner, Trajan Fisca, purchased the building located at 137-147 King St. E. in 2010.

On Oct. 8, 2013, The Record reported that the case was dismissed by the Superior Court without trial, apparently due to lack of evidence of the haunting. Fisca then decided to attempt to appeal that decision.

Metro News reported on April 1 that Fisca's lawyer wrote in a factum that the judge of the Superior Court stated in court that he did not believe in ghosts, which could be construed as bias.

The lawsuit came about when Stephen Kramer, vice-president of the association that Fisca purchased the building from, made a statement to The Record implying that the building was haunted. Kramer was quoted as stating that 'somebody' has been seen moving around an empty office on the third floor.

As a result, Fisca brought about a claim that the building dropped in value due to the alleged haunting referred to by Kramer. Kramer later stated he had heard about the ghostly rumour from somebody in a bar over drinks.

This certainly is not the first time a lawsuit has been launched over allegations of ghostly manifestations.

On April 22, 2014, KHOU reported that a businessman, Nir Golan, is currently in a disclosure dispute over a reportedly haunted mansion in Seabrook, Texas. Golan stated that the realtor failed to tell him about the murders that took place on the property, and that he also later found out about the ghostly reports of shadow children seen there.

Have your say! Do you think there should be disclosure of rumoured hauntings when a building is sold?

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