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Providence weather: A passing shower or two

The weather map for Southern New England at 2 p.m. EDT on May 8, 2014. A passing shower is possible at this time.
The weather map for Southern New England at 2 p.m. EDT on May 8, 2014. A passing shower is possible at this time.

Forecast discussion: Over the last several days, the weather has become a little bit familiar. We start the day with brilliant sunshine, only to see grey skies and a passing shower by the afternoon. However, Wednesday was a bit different for Providence. Thanks in part to high pressure centered off the Delmarva Peninsula, we had mostly sunny skies for most of the afternoon. We are beginning to see some high clouds take over the skies.

High temperature forecast for May 8, 2014

The high will influence our weather this evening, although we will begin to lose the stars behind increasing clouds. The clouds are due to a warm front slowly moving into the Mid-Atlantic. The front will actually become stalled, as there is still some cold air in the upper levels of the atmosphere over the Northeast U.S. A little moisture will make it north, and we could see some widely isolated showers during the afternoon. Any shower activity will end by the early evening, and we will remain cloudy Thursday night.

As we move into Friday, the warm front will continue to push northward. However, the front will stall as it tries to move over the Appalachian Mountains. We will see slightly more scattered showers by Friday afternoon, and continue into the evening. The warm front will push through into Southern New England by early Saturday morning, and we will see more widespread showers. With the warmer temperatures expected on Saturday, some isolated thunderstorms are possible.

As we move into Saturday night, the cold front associated with the low will pass through, eventually taking the entire system with it. Showers should end by mid-morning on Sunday, so I am not expecting any afternoon plans for our mothers to be canceled. A weak high pressure ridge will give us some dry weather into Monday afternoon.

Another storm system will bring some scattered showers by Monday afternoon, along a warm front. The front will pass to our north Monday night, so any shower activity will end before midnight. The cold front will slowly move into the Northeast U.S. by Tuesday night. I am expecting some heavier rainfall from the cold front from Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday night. Thanks to the warm front, high temperatures are expected to be in the 70’s into Monday. The temperatures will be slightly cooler by Tuesday, after the cold front passes, and winds shift to the northwest.

72 hour forecast:

Tonight: Partly to mostly cloudy with a low of 45.
Thursday: Cloudy by the late morning, with scattered showers starting at noon. We will have a high near 65 with west-southwest winds shifting to the south-southeast at 6-9 mph by the late afternoon.
McCoy Stadium Forecast (12:05 p.m. vs. Toledo): Cloudy, isolated showers, 60.
Thursday night: Cloudy with a low of 49. Winds will shift to the east-northeast at 3-6 mph.
Friday: Cloudy with scattered showers by the afternoon. We will see a high of 65.
Friday night: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers by midnight and a low of 54.
Saturday: Cloudy with widespread showers and a high of 71. A thunderstorm remains possible.
Saturday night: Scattered showers and a low of 57.

Extended Forecast:
Sunday: Showers end by 9 a.m. and becoming partly sunny. Highs 72-75, lows 53-56.
Monday: Partly sunny with scattered showers/light rain by 4 p.m. but ending by midnight. Highs 71-74, lows 53-56.
Tuesday: Cloudy with scattered showers by mid-morning, with widespread showers/light rain by mid-afternoon. Highs 69-72, lows 49-52.
Wednesday: Moderate rain in the morning, tapering to showers by the afternoon. Highs 65-68, lows 51-54.

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