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Providence Baptist Church Review

Best Churches of Charleston

You might be a Southern Baptist If…

...if you think John the Baptist founded the Southern Baptist Convention.

...if you think "Amazing Grace" is the national anthem.

...if you judge the quality of the sermon by the amount of sweat worked up by the preacher.

...if you honestly believe the Apostle Paul spoke King James English

...if you think Jesus actually used Welch's grape juice and saltine crackers.

...if you judge the quality of a service by the length of the service.

But if you're looking for a church that isn't quite so Southern Baptist, Providence Baptist Church on Daniel Island might be the place for you.

After several weeks of trekking from one religious establishment to the next, I finally decided to venture beyond my own denominational boundaries, and check out the church within a few miles of my house. (Hey, who doesn’t like convenience?) Surprisingly, I didn’t find a congregation of cliques unwilling to allow a new comer to sit in “their pew”. There were no religious rock bands, fainting evangelists, or speaking in tongues. I wasn’t condescendingly asked if I “was saved” or if I had been baptized. Instead, I comfortably sat within a moderately sized congregation, was cheerfully greeted by the person on my left, and listened to an uplifting sermon.  Afterwards, I met the pastor, who was genuinely happy to see a new face, and I left feeling like I had connected with church.

Though the term “Baptist” comes loaded with several stereotypes, this particular church breaks the typical Southern Baptist expectation and offers its members an open-minded religious perspective and experience. The members of the congregation are welcoming, kind, and considerate of personal beliefs, while also encouraging and challenging each other to grow in faith.

Providence Baptist Church offers a variety of fellowship and ministerial activities within the church and local community, allowing its members to get that warm, fuzzy supportive family feeling and fill that philanthropic void. They have Sunday morning Bible study groups, Wednesday night suppers, writing groups, book clubs, prayer circles, choir and other musical groups, and various annual events. The church reaches out to the community by providing meals for Crisis Ministries, tutoring at Cainhoy Elementary, and by participating in other missions throughout the year. Overall, there are opportunities for the old, the young, and the twentysomethings looking for a little peace and enlightenment on Sunday mornings. It is a great place to meet some amazing members of the Charleston community and even a place to meet new, lasting friends. 

If interested, but not ready to take that first step through the doors of the church, check out their website. They have an online blog, sermons, and several pictures that portray what Providence Baptist Church is all about.


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