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Proud moment: No scoping a helicopter in Bad Company 2

Let's go for a run
Let's go for a run

This is an old tale, but one I have remembered fondly over the past few years. This is a tale of the good old days of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It was simpler time, when everything could be blown up and destroyed, nothing was overly serious, and everything was fun. Unfortunately, as happens with many games that you play for too long, I grew bored of the multiplayer aspect of Bad Company 2, thus spawned this tale of randomness and more than a little luck. Okay, it was a lot of luck, like insane amounts.

It was a nice day, I had just come home and decided the sun sucked once again, retreating into the depths of my bedroom to load up my Xbox 360 and play some Battlefield. Pretty normal day, I’d say. However, I was playing purely out of boredom and a lack of anything better to play. My heart wasn’t really in the game, I just wanted to blow some stuff up, shoot some things, and have a modicum of fun. What happened was so much better.

I started with a bolt action sniper rifle, running about the map with no clear direction and no care for the objectives. I fired randomly at everything, dropping C4 willy-nilly and detonating it on unsuspecting enemies and teammates. Buildings dropped under my god-like powers of explosions and vehicles were set careening off dirt roads and into the trees that happened to be made of wood, which is odd.

Then it happened, I fire my bolt action sniper rifle once into the air, the bullet raced through a strand of trees ahead of me and into the sky...where it hit the pilot of a incoming helicopter. The round killed the driver instantly and sent the attack helicopter flying into the ground, killing the gunner in an explosion of orange fire and black smoke. It was the most beautiful thing that has every happened to me. I jumped up, the controller falling to the floor with a clatter, and yelled loud and clear for my elderly neighbors to get a good listen.

This doesn’t seem as impressive nowadays when we see hundreds of YouTube montage videos performing the exact same action. However, that type of stuff does not happen to me…ever. No matter how much I try, I can never replicate that moment in any iteration of the Battlefield games, and I’ve played them all.

There you have it, my shining moment of glory from years ago. Impressive or not, that’s for you to decide and ultimately yell at me for being unimpressive. That’s fine, I’ll allow it.

I want to hear your best gaming stories now, post me a paragraph in the comments below and let me know what gaming moment you are most proud of.

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