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Protests in Ukraine are intensifying

Ukraine is caught up in the literal flames of protest at this time with no end in sight to the escalating discontent. The situation is now so out of control the Ukraine president has warned Kiev protesters amid the clashes, reported the BBC on Jan. 20, 2014. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych put out a warning that the country's stability is now being threatened by continuing clashes between police and anti-government protesters in the capital Kiev.

Anti-government protesters gather on Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine.
Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

There is a burnt out line of buses and trucks in central Kiev which marks the present boundary between protesters and police. After many demonstrators initially rallied peacefully against President Viktor Yanukovych violent clashes erupted on Sunday. The Ukrainian authorities are now saying the police have the right to use firearms in self-defense. Just last week supporters of Yanukovych in the Ukrainian parliament gave police extra powers to deal with demonstrators.

Violence has seriously escalated Ukraine's political crisis reports The Christian Science Monitor. There have been vicious street battles with anti-government protesters and police clashing in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Protesters have hurled rocks and stun grenades and police have responded with tear gas. The recent violence erupted after Yanukovych pushed through a sweeping anti-protest law which increased fines and imposed jail terms for unauthorized street protests. The future of Ukraine remains uncertain at this time.

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