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Protests in Russia force cancellation of Marilyn Manson performances

Manson performing at an awards show.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson may be the talk of cable networks' hit drama set right now, but that seems to have no effect on the popularity of his music. The rock group who have been touring internationally were forced to cancel at least two shows in Russia over the past few days due to heavy protesting by Orthodox Christian groups from around the area.

The first was a Moscow performance, which was stopped due to a bomb threat. It is unclear whether it was against the band itself or the organizers for bringing Manson in to play, but officials felt it was better not to take any chances. The second was in Novosibirsk, Russia's third largest city. The activists there, who accused Manson of promoting Sadomasochism, reportedly threw eggs at a member of the band and tried to sprinkle others with Holy Water as they went to and from their tour bus.

One member of the activist party Yury Zadoya said "Manson's live performances look like an amusement park with a sadomasochistic slant. Sadomasochism is a mental disorder. What does Novosibirsk need this show for?"

As for the concert organizers, they put out a statement saying "We've fought until the end but the situation has proved stronger than us, unfortunately...Authorities of all levels have denied us permission to hold the concert..."

Manson himself also weighed in on the situation, taking to social media. He tweeted a picture of a large crowd of protesters outside the venue in Moscow. "Bomb threats have cancelled our show in Moscow, just as we were about to perform" he announced. He also asked "why are the people that proclaim that music inspires violence, the ones that create such entropy?"

Manson will continue on with his European tour despite the cancellations.

He was recently signed on to play the role of a white supremacist in season 7 of the hit show Sons Of Anarchy, which airs in September.

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