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Protests over anti-gay laws, penalties for sodomy throttle Beverly Hills hotels

It’s no fun driving down Sunset Boulevard these days. First of all there’s been two tragic accidents involving police cars being hit by large trucks and secondly highly-recognized protestors (Jay Leno and other celebs), are out in droves screaming over the possible penalties that may be imposed by Brunei for sodomy, gays, adultery and other sharia-law crimes. In case you don’t know the Sultan of Brunei owns the Dorchester Collection of hotels of which the Hotel Bel-Air and Beverly Hills hotel are a part of.

Jay Leno lends his clout to protest again draconian laws
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

According to the Los Angeles Times, and many other sources, Brunei’s chief Hassanal Bolkiah has publicly announced the new criminal code based on sharia law. I love the quote from the Times from a former Hollywood neighbor and late night TV phenom, Jay Leno that, “The Beverly Hills Hotel is like the Clippers; the Sultan of Brunei is like Donald Sterling. Does that make it clear?”

The Times on line sited that “Under the first phase of the new legal code introduced last week, fines and jail terms can be imposed for failing to attend Friday prayers, indecent behavior and pregnancies outside of marriage. A second phase later this year prescribes the severing of limbs and flogging for property crimes.”

Gay guests are quite upset with the hotels’ owner’s move to Islamic religious law that imposes chastisements such as flogging, dismemberment and death by stoning for crimes such as rape, adultery and sodomy. Since both hotels bring in much revenue to the city of Beverly Hills the powers that be are also pretty upset about the way things are going especially all the cancelations of events and stays at the hotels. One local highly-place local hotel employee told this reporter that it was actually good for business for them since people are taking their business to other pricy properties in the area.

Many couples get married at the Hotel Bel-Air which offers a dreamy, fairytale-like setting for a wedding with a swan lake and landscaped grounds. Hotel officials are hoping there won’t be cancelations but it’s more than possible.

Unless you feel like protesting it’s best to stay away from that strip of Sunset Boulevard, but if you do go, drive carefully as it’s become sort of death trap recently.

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