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Protesters heckle Google employees during I/O conference

Google Robot
Google Robot
hdwpsci - Wikimedia Commons

The opening day of Google's annual I/O conference got off to a flying start with the tech giant announcing the new L version of Android, Android TV, and Android Auto, but some members of the audience were not happy with Google, and their perceived involvement in the development of killer robots.

A couple of times during the Keynote members of the audience started protesting about Google, and their apparent secret programs to develop, and build robots to kill people. One protestor towards the end of the conference was heard screaming and shouting as he was escorted out of the auditorium by security personnel.

While Google are looking to build their company, and build on the already successful mobile operating platform Android, they are certainly not trying to build the real life version of Cyberdyne's SkyNet that is featured in the smash hit movie series The Terminator.

The same protestor who proclaimed that robots are going to kill us also suggested that everyone in the room worked for Google, and that the whole event was a sideshow to cover up what was really going on behind the scenes at Google HQ. There is no doubt That Google are trying to revolutionize technology, and they are always coming up with new ways to introduce technology to help many people around the world, such as their successful Project Loon that will use balloons to bring Wi-Fi to hard to reach areas around the world.

The protestors tried their best to disrupt the successful opening day of the I/O conference, but the show went on without a hitch as the presenters remained cool, calm, and collected throughout the outburst. How people like this get into events like this in the first place boggles the mind, but you can bet that going forward, Google and other companies will like employ stronger background checks on those who attend their conferences.