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Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri are harrassed by police as tensions escalate

Al Sharpton leads protest march
Al Sharpton leads protest march
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Tensions in Ferguson, MO continue to escalate yesterday as police and protestors clashed over the anger expressed after the shooting of unarmed 18 years-of-age Michael Brown. Wednesday night confirmed the notion that the Ferguson Police Dept. are in over their heads in the handling of facts involved in the investigation and how to procede in calming the situation. Leaks to the media by the police while at the same time trying to conduct an investigation as to what exactly happened only angered protesters because the officer's name has not officially been released.

The online hacktivist group Anonymous released the officer's name on today and have called for a nationwide protest. The FBI has opened an nvestigation in this case and President Obama is receiving daily briefings while he is vacationing in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The police chief in Ferguson has agreed to meet with the Brown family but their attorney Michael Crump was unaware of that meeting. Crump stated on CNN today that he is awaiting a meeting with the Justice Dept. and the Attorney General's office.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has changed his schedule to allow for a visit to Ferguson on today, and has refered to the situation there as being, "deeply troubling." On Wednesday night at least a dozen individuals were arrested including two journalist who were recharging their computers at a McDonald's restaurant. One of the reporters Wesley Lowery who has been released reported that the police said, "You are resisting, stop resisting. That's when I was afraid of the rubber bullets." The other reporter Antonio French who is also a local activist was released later and was determines to capture his arrest on video. He reported that the violence on last night was not provoked by the protesters but by the Ferguson Police over reacting to the situation. He asserted that the police began firing rubber bullets and using tear gas as a means of crowd control.

Gov. Nixon on yesterday said: "It is vital that the facts about this case are gathered in a thorough, transparent and impartial manner, in which the public has complete confidence," Nixon, who asked the U.S. Justice Department to probe the incident, said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragic event, and I ask St. Louis County residents to exercise patience and respect for their neighbors as federal authorities work to get to the bottom of what happened through this comprehensive, independent review."

Ferguson Police Dept. seems to be oblivious to the fact that the protesters are in arger over their reluctance to release the officer's name who shot Brown. According to Benjamin Crump, the Ferguson Police released that the officer was struck in the face but won't tell how many times the officer shot Brown. Crump stated that he would like to investigate the background of the officer and to determine whether there is a pattern of behavior that would have alerted the department that he was capable of executing an unarmed teenager in broad daylight.

Ferguson, MO is a city north of Saint Louis and has a population of about 22,000 residents. The police department has 53 officers and 3 of those officers are black. The culture of Ferguson has changed as many of the former caucasian residincidentents have moved away leaving the community with a population that is now two thirds African-American

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