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Protesters against Israel: ‘Jews, get back in the ovens, death to Jews’

Israel attacking terrorist group Hamas
Israel attacking terrorist group Hamas
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The United West and Center for Security Policy have been presenting an on-going series titled, “Operation Protective Edge An Inside Look: Destroy HAMAS” and released a video on Sunday during his talk-show program of Muslims and citizens in the United States and elsewhere cursing Jewish people.

Tom Trento of The United West presents video footage of protests, not widely covered by the mainstream media, from 2008 and in recent days in the U.S. and other areas of the world, namely Europe due to the crisis occurring in Israel where some anti-Jew citizens are calling for the Jewish people to get back in the ovens and wishing for the deaths of the Jewish people.

The program has been featuring leading subject-matter experts with live reporting from the war front in Israel that include Barry Shaw, author of “ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE”, Special Consultant on Delegimitization Issues to the Strategic Dialogue Center at Netanya Academic College and Dr. Martin Sherman, who runs the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies.

Both Barry Shaw and Dr. Martin Sherman spoke with Trento about the conflict occurring between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza strip.

In addition, Shaw said on his blog-spot on Monday, “In Paris, aping Palestinian Arab youth, Muslims demonstrated their support for the Palestinian cause by throwing rocks and bricks at French Jews and tried to assault the synagogues into which they fled for shelter. One said that it was like “an intifada.” For these Muslim immigrants in France, just as it is for Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Palestinian Salafists, and some will say the Palestinian Authority, their struggle is one of removing the presence of a Jewish State from the region.”

“The mob attitude, as well as Hamas words and deeds, changes the Palestinian cause into Anti-Semitism. No peace is possible with such racial hatred, on either side of the conflict,” Shaw said.

Meanwhile, Frank Gaffney Jr., President of the Center for Security Policy said on Monday that an interesting development is occurring where there is growing hostility towards Islamists who seek to impose their sharia doctrine on other Muslims.

“Such sentiments once prompted Sunnis in Anbar province to join forces with the American surge to defeat al Qaeda in Iraq. Many there appear equally opposed to the latest Islamist scourge – jihadists who call themselves the Islamic State,” Gaffney said. “Meanwhile, Egyptians are actually urging Israel to destroy another Muslim terrorist group, Hamas.”

“It seems only the Obama administration is still operating under the illusion that it can do business with the source of all modern jihadist organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Gaffney. “We need, instead, to support Muslims who want no part of shariah’s brutal repression and resist the horrible submission it would require of all of us.”

While the war between Israel and Hamas continues and those who hate Israel continue to call those living in the Gaza strip, "Palestinians", a Hamas official back in 2012 stated that the citizens in the Gaza strip are not the so-called Palestinians but are made up of Egyptians and Saudis, all with Arab ties.

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