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Protein Problem: New Yorkers get unwanted surprises in their food

Pouring a bowl of cereal in hopes of finding that hidden surprise was something many of us have done in our childhood. But when it comes to what is in our food, should we really be surprised? New York City restaurants are having a hard time sticking to the menu, as unwanted critters have found ways to get into our meals—the extra protein free of charge.

New Yorkers are finding bugs and other pests (or pets) in soups and salads.
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The pests found in New Yorker’s food continues to be a disgusting problem. Today, Pix 11 reported that another woman found a hidden surprise while eating a bowl of sancocho soup. Natalie Estrella got sick to her stomach when she uncovered, what she believes, was a silverfish bug inside her soup from Mundo Restaurant on Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway yesterday. She was treated St. John’s Episcopal Hospital for “insect ingestion,” after vomiting and feeling dizzy.

After bringing her hidden treasure trash to the waiter, he refunded her money and allegedly told her that the restaurant, that currently has a pending “C” grade from the Department of Health with 44 points in violations, has bugs in the pipes.

This comes after reports Tuesdays that a woman found added greens in her kale salad from Guy & Gallard restaurant. Robin Sandusky found—halfway through her meal—the head and arm of a lizard, it’s lime green slippery skin slightly camouflaged amongst the bed of greens. She was also given a refund, even though the restaurant initially did not believe her claims. They are investing how this could have happened.

The list of stomach turning pests or former pets continues. A croaked frog was found in a Pret A Manager salad back in December.

The next time you order a salad—or anything for that matter—in New York, keep a look out for these creatures that will leave you bug-eyed.

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