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Protein ain't all that great unless you know something going in

In advance, I know not many people will be interested in this article unless they are sick or have a sick loved one.

The exception is somebody who takes supplements for fitness, health, anti-aging, or nutrition regimen and don't want to get a PhD to know what to take.

Per usual, I don't expect anyone to devote a day to reading what is found at each of the links, but just scan the pages and you'll get the general idea, which will be enough to make you hate me for informing you, and maybe hate yourself for being so uninformed

A perfect example is protein

In a gym you won't get too far inside without hearing somebody talking about protein in the diet. They talk about other things in the diet, but protein is the one about which everybody has a recommendation.

We would be better served to discover the basics about protein, which is so widely discussed you can quickly uncover the eye openers, and then devote your time to understanding sugars.

Grasping the specifics about types of sugars and their contributions to fitness, fatness, and disease are one of the easiest ways to lose fat and get truly fit, big, ripped.

But I have to start somewhere so I'll start with the most popular topic, which is protein. I'm not going to recommend a protein, but I will show you what to look for and what to look out for.

Hospitals and Big Pharma think this is good stuff ... or do they really?

You would be tempted to believe the protein beverages given to the very ill and recommended by doctors would have to be good, right?

So if it was reasonably affordable it should also be a winner as a protein choice for fitness geeks and geekettes. Right?


There are two similar protein shakes distributed in hospitals and recommended to patients going home.

When buying a nutrition shake (or protein powder to make your own) you want to watch out for beverages that are sugar-laden (especially with unidentified or disguised sugars that are really sucrose and fructose), and which also contain questionable protein sources.

This is one nutrition shake for comparison. With this beverage, or any protein beverage or powder, you should always:

  • Read the ingredients list
  • Remember the ingredients must be listed in order of magnitude
  • Be wary of sugar content, especially fructose and sucrose
  • Be wary of the genres of protein in the formula.

Re. the attached video: This is an opposing view from a citizen and mother, not a doctor.

A predictable reality of gyms

Probably every gym in the world has a few members who are there trying to save their lives. Many had no interest in nutrition and exercise until they got sick.

That's not meant to be a criticism of them, but to make a point.

Most people, when they get sick, are so scared and desperate they will do anything a doctor or hospital staff tells them.

I have been asked about the aforementioned "health beverages." I always tell the person they would be better off to buy a:

  • plant protein powder first
  • an animal protein powder second.

Keep in mind that whey protein is animal protein.

Also keep in mind that soy protein is estrogen promoting, and has other dangers to both genders.

When buying your protein

Look for a container that has photos indicating it is for body builders, but don't neglect reading the ingredients.

I suggest that, because compared to stuff aimed at the ill and infirm the former is most likely to be:

  • Cheaper
  • Cleaner
  • Does not make you feel like you are drinking something medicinal and aimed at the terminally ill.

In my opinion no matter what the product and where it is sold, remember it is a business and not all businesses have the customer's well being at the top of their objectives.

Below are links that will interest anybody serious about any of the preceding:

Oops, did I say those things out loud?

I don't try and scare anybody, but the food supply in the US is such a disaster a case could be made that it is intentionally designed to shrink the population.

Shrink means kill us in the most costly way to us and insurers, and so that means in drawn out ways such as addicting us to cancer causing ingredients that keep us further enriching the healthcare industrial cartels.

Good news and hope to leave you with

If you are terminally ill, do you know what is gaining widespread momentum by those who kiss off the traditional medicine protocols? Diet. Plain and simple: raw food from the ground. Keep your eyes open and you see it over and over and over. Just remember that once most people get sick, they are too scared to take control. The one thing we can all control is what we choose to eat.


There is an article on my national fitness page about an energy and health promoting supplement that might benefit you.

Cinta anda

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Statements made by Thomas Amshay and found here and worldwide have not been endorsed by FDA. Consult with your health care team before beginning any supplement or exercise program.

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