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Protection Against Dark Practices Lesson I

Those of who are particularly interested in actually practicing New Age oriented methods and/or strategies, a few cautionary words are well in order from a source wise in the ways of the occult. Magick (i.e. The art and/or science of causing change in conformity with will) is certainly not for the light of heart and therefore tends to attract those who are darkened by reality, pathetic and weak. The next time you go to your local public library, see how many books you can find concerning Magick and other occult subjects. Many times you will find that books on such topics as these need to be ordered or unlocked from a protected room. Not because of their dangers necessarily, but because (like pornography) these materials tend to get stolen often; occult and effective New Age topic type books and materials often appeal to the hearts of those looking for an easy way to acquire an end to their desires. This is one reason why so many religions discourage the use and practice of “magic(k)” or “ritual” outside of that particular religion’s framework and theology.

Magick is full of pitfalls for the unwary. Too many times New Age methods and strategies are employed for ends not wholly intended by the practitioner. “Money,” for example, people expect to cast a spell in order that money manifest somehow in their lives. Money may come about through a variety of means, but it usually does not appear “out of thin air.” This means that money will either come about by some other means, usually normal (i.e. work, savings, cutting expenses, etc.). This practice usually lends itself to either the thought that the magick did not work, or that magick is necessary in order to receive money by normal means. Naturally this is misleading and tends toward faulty logic and thinking. In this example, Magick should be used to enlighten the mind in such a manner as to realize other means and avenues of obtaining money outside of the normal or most habitual means the practitioner is most used to. In other words, when using New Age methods or strategies to acquire money, the methods and strategies should be practiced with the intent to see what other means there are of acquiring it. Such means should include things you have never really thought of before, this way the result is authentic and magickal.

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