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Protecting your family’s eyes with EnChroma

This product is the best their is for all your family members.
This product is the best their is for all your family members.

Parents will do anything to protect their children. They will do whatever it is possible to ensure their safety and well-being. Therefore parents like to be in-the-know about the latest and greatest products that will help them to achieve their goal.

That being said, how many parents actually realize that high energy visible blue light is dangerous and that we need to protect our children from its harmful rays? After you learn about EnChroma, you, too, will know how to keep your children safe.

EnChroma is a tiny startup in Silicon Valley that has made the first digital sunglass lens that protects the eyes against damage from high energy visible blue light. Ordinary UV protection is simply not enough; the high energy blue light can contribute to macular degeneration and retinal damage. EnChroma promises superior sun protection. This new product will also provide visual comfort.

The EnChroma UV450 is a digital sunglass lens. It combines EnChroma’s unique super color enhancement with a filter that promises to deliver the maximum protection against UV and blue light damage. What you may like most is that these lenses do not have that unpleasant yellow tint to them. They are completely different from the conventional blue-light blocking sunglasses on the market today.

In addition, the EnChroma UV450s have a special precision multi-band spectral filter that was specifically designed to ensure that the safety-critical colors of traffic signals, signs and other such markers can be seen without any color distortion. So if your child is walking to school, they will be able to see the pertinent markers for what they truly represent and not have the colors look different so that they could potentially be in danger from traffic accidents as they are crossing the streets to join their friends at the pool or at the park.

The extended-protection lens of these glasses blocks 100% of the UV radiation from the sun and 98% of its high energy blue light; meaning these are truly a great protection for your and your children’s eyes!

This great product is made right here in the USA and have patents pending domestically and abroad. If for some reason you don’t believe the EnChroma UV450s are right for you or for your child, the company offers a money back guarantee with free exchange or return policy. The policy is available for 30 days after purchase.

There I absolutely no time like the present to begin protecting your child’s eyes; a very important asset to guard for their future! The EnChroma UV450s will help improve image clarity this summer while reducing the risk of macular degeneration. For children and adults afflicted with color blindness, EnChroma also makes digital sunglasses to correct this issue. Check out their website and to order:

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