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Protecting pets from winter weather with sweaters and coats

Winter weather is not just too cold for most humans, it is also too cold for most pets. Most who own cats or dogs consider these furry critters part of the family and want to be sure the pets are warm enough.

Sweaters for cats and coats for dogs may not be a new thought to pet owners. Many have used protective clothing for their pets in the winter because they are aware that pets need a little help in this area at times.

According to details provided by some pets might need coats while indoors as well as outdoors. Those who are keeping their homes cooler in winter than normal have to consider the comfort and health of their pets.

Stores such as PetSmart and PetSupermarket offer everything most would want in winter clothing for cats and dogs. Other stores most pet owners are familiar with that have pet supplies include Walmart, Kmart and Target.

Local stores specializing in products of pets usually have a nice selection of sweaters and coats for cats and dogs as well.

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