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Protecting our First Amendment Rights and our Bank Accounts

There are many political issues that Kentuckians (and all other Americans for that matter) should be aware of but there are two issues in particular which are crucial for the entire country.

The first issue would be amending 2 U.S.C. 431 (9) (B) (i). Passed in 1974, this law takes away everyone's First Amendment rights, although it does allow for a "press exemption" (i,e., the media). Thus, only the media is allowed to enjoy its First Amendment rights when it comes to political opinions. Such a law needs to be amended so that all Americans can be included, not just those in the media. In addition, this law is the reason campaign finance laws are also on the books, which in turn affect the First Amendment rights of all Americans because they substitute "rights" with "privileges".

The media should not be the only people to whom the First Amendment applies, because it is clear that the Founding Fathers wanted all Americans to be protected by the First Amendment.

The second issue deals with introducing banking legislation that eliminates the concept of "too big to fail" in reference to financial institutions. Doing so would protect depositors from having their bank accounts emptied in the event of a financial crisis (i.e., preventing the banks from using people's bank accounts to pay off debts). It would also extend FDIC protection to all depositors.

In addition, it would be a good idea to privatize the FDIC, not to mention getting rid of the Federal Reserve.

These matters were brought to the writer's attention by Richard Lewis. If one is seeking more information from him, he can be contacted at

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