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Protect yourself from the sun with Eclipse Sun Sleeves and Sun Gloves

Eclipse Sun Sleeves
Eclipse Sun Sleeves

It's hard to think about sunshine and summer with all the snow that keeps coming down but never fear summer will eventually get here! And when it does one of the most important things to remember is to take care of your skin. According to the National Institute of Health, skin cancer most often than not is found on the head, face, neck, hands or arms because those are our most exposed parts when we head out into the sun. Also if you happen to spend a lot of time in the sun or have previously experienced sunburn you're at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. And no matter how many times people are reminded to wear sunscreen or to cover up, when it's hot outside it's almost the last thing on your mind to slather on sunscreen every so many hours or even to consider wearing clothes that cover you up.

There is a solution though with Eclipse® Sun Products. Eclipse® Sun Products has come up with a product that not only allows to be covered up but also provided added sun protection, Sun Sleeves and Sun Gloves.

'Eclipse® Sun Products are quickly becoming a necessity in outdoor wear and sun protection. The purpose of Sun Sleeves is to allow you to continue participating in the outdoor activities that you love without the constant worry about your health,' says Elise Champe, owner of Eclipse® Sun Products. “The Sleeves are designed to allow you full range of motion while protecting you from harmful UV rays.”

Sun Sleeves and Sun Gloves are made of a polyester spandex blend provides an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ meaning that it blocks more than 98% of UV radiation as well as integrating active carbon into the material so that the material is breathable, allows for maximum evaporation and protection. For people who participate in sports during the summer months where their hands and arms are exposed like cycling, hiking, golfing or even while driving or spending time in the garden, Sun Sleeves and Sun Gloves are a great way to protect the exposed areas. Since there are many people who also sun sensitive due to medication or sicknesses like Lupus, Sun Sleeves and Sun Gloves are a great alternative to wearing multiple layers of clothes to stay protected in the sun.

'Rather than wasting time and money putting on layers and layers of sunscreen, Sun Sleeves are an easy alternative,” affirms Champe. “For anyone who wants to take steps now to prevent cancer from developing, I’d highly recommend trying Sun Sleeves to allow you to spend as much time as possible outdoors.'

Eclipse® Sun Products are approved by the Melanoma International Foundation for the prevention of skin cancer. The Sun Sleeves and Sun Gloves can be purchased online at where you can also learn more about them.

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